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City guide by local people

Safety in Bratislava

Overall, Bratislava is a safe place to travel to. The crime rates are low in Bratislava, even by European standards, and pickpockets are the biggest concern you'll have to deal with while on a holiday there. Usually, the worst that can happen is…

Parking in Bratislava

As in any major city popular in Bratislava, finding a parking space can be difficult. Therefore, it is useful to check the parking options in advance - not only where you can park best, but also as cheap as possible or even for free. In this article, we…

Calling to and within Slovakia

If you would like to call from abroad, it´s necessary to know the country code, which is for Slovakia +421 (or 00421). When calling a mobile phone number, the first three digits belong to the mobile operator. When calling a landline, following…

Bratislava Weather

General information Bratislava is located in a mild climatic zone of continental nature, characterised by wide differences between temperatures in summer and winter, as well as by four distinct seasons of the year. Recently, the transitions from winter…

Currency in Bratislava

A Complete Guide Currency, payment system or currency exchange information is one of the essentials you need to know when traveling abroad. Why? Better informed - greater chances of avoiding tourist traps. Find the answers to the most…

Embassies in Bratislava

Austria Venturska 10 811 01 Bratislava Phone: +421 2 5930 1500 Fax: +421 2 5443 2486 E-mail:

Public Holidays in Slovakia

Public Holidays in Slovakia mostly follow standard international or European holidays, although there are some exceptions, such as holidays related to Slovak Republic or some specific religional holidays.

Basic phrases in Slovak language

The official language in Slovakia and therefore also in Bratislava is Slovak. You may be wondering if there is any need to learn any Slovak before visiting Bratislava. Of course, you can speak English in Bratislava as well, but many older people speak…

Free Public Wireless Internet Hotspots and Internet Kiosks

City of Bratislava has launched pilot project of providing internet access in the city centre. There are three PC terminals connected to the broadband internet available at the moment. First one is located near the gate of Primatial Palace at Primatial…

Popular Meeting Points in Bratislava

Each city inhabitants have their favourite places to meet. Bratislava is no different. This short guide to meeting places should help you meet your friends easily in the town. There are few favourite meeting points in Bratislava that you should know about.

Bratislava Card

Enjoy Bratislava to the fullest with many benefits The Bratislava Card is the official tourist card issued by The Bratislava Culture and Information Centre. This card helps tourists to discover and experience the best of Bratislava and Bratislava region…

Smoking in Bratislava

Smoking is very widespread in Slovakia - over a third of the population smoke. Nevertheless, ban on smoking has been in force since September 2009 and basically, it´s prohibited to smoke in every business serving food.

Bratislava for Disabled

The communist regime prior to 1989 paid little attention to the needs of disabled persons regarding barrier-free access, public transport, etc. A lot has changed since the fall of communism but in comparison with the rest of the European Capitals the…

Healthcare in Slovakia

The Slovakia healthcare system consists of both public and private health services. There are public hospitals, outpatient clinics and medical centres with a wide range of specialisations and medical centres and ambulances focused on one medical…

Local Customs and the Need for Slovak

You may be wondering if there is any need to learn any Slovak before visiting Bratislava and also what kind of cultural norms you can expect to find.

Finding a Christmas Service in Bratislava

( - If your trip to Bratislava cannot be complete without a Christmas Eve church service, then look no further. The city offers many Christmas Eve services and even a few in English.

Bratislava History

Bratislava was always a meeting point of the trade crossroads in Central and Eastern Europe. In this article we are going to take you through the brief history of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Guide to the Christmas Market

Bratislava´s Christmas Market is taking place in the Main Square and two adjoining squares. After painstakingly sampling 37 ciganskas, more than 30 lokse, 20 strudels, and several liters of hot wine, we have compiled this guide to the Christmas…

Children-friendly Bratislava Guide

Bratislava has lots to offer for children, from the unique Dinopark at Bratislava ZOO, which brings dinosaurs to life, to fun and arts for children at the Bibiana near the New Bridge. Here are a few special tips for visitors with children.

Bratislava Population

Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. As most capitals, it is the largest by population. The metropolitan area is divided into five administrative districts - Bratislava I through V and 17 boroughs.

How to date a girl in Bratislava

Slovakian females are usually both traditional and full of unexpected surprises. That’s why you should never be judging a book by its cover and this is absolutely true when it comes to dating Eastern European girls. The following list is a…

Radio Yerevan Jokes

Radio Yerevan is a fictitious radio station invented during the socialist era as a tool of anti-regime humour. It is famous for specific type of jokes - known as Radio Yerevan Jokes, or the Armeninan Radio jokes - which were popular in the Soviet Union…

ZIP / Postal Code in Bratislava

A postal code (PSC) is a series of numbers (or even letters) which is an essential part of the address and is used for routing and quick sorting mails. It serves the same purpose as ZIP code system in the US. When sending a letter or a package to Slovakia…

Hostel Movie - Bratislava

Fact or fiction? The truth about the story. A few facts about the Hostel movie to start with (maybe for those who haven't heard of this film yet): Hostel is a 2006 horror film produced by Quentin Tarantino. Although it was filmed in the Czech…

Bratislava Real Estate, Districts, Prices

Administrative organization There are five main districts (former state administration units) in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia. Each district contains a number of city parts with their own mayor and council. The smallest district is Bratislava I -…

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Bratislava

While in Bratislava during St. Patrick's Day there will be a few spots that you can celebrate the holiday in and where you will be able to hear bagpipes and traditional Irish music.

Driving in Slovakia

If you want to travel to Slovakia by car or are considering renting a car locally and exploring Slovakia this way, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with at least the basic rules that apply on Slovak roads. This will help you avoid unnecessary…