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Driving in Bratislava

International Drivers Licenses are valid in Slovakia. Older roads, with slower speed limits can be driven free of charge. Some newer roads require a toll sticker which can be purchased at post offices and gas stations, especially those along the highways and near border crossings. The toll sticker must be displayed while driving.

For cars below 3 500 kg in weight, the price for 2007 is 150 SKK for a one-week stamp, 300 SKK for a one-month stamp and 1 100 SKK for a one-year stamp. Sticker price is determined according to the weight of the car and can be purchased for varying lengths of time (***???)

Speed limits are 60km/h in cities and towns, 90km/h on open roads and 130km/h on multilane freeways (unless otherwise marked). Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers. Children under 12 and animals are not allowed in the front passenger seat. Be aware that all vehicles must have a first aid box, tow rope, hazard triangle, reflecting vest and a spare tire. If you are caught violating any of these laws a fine may be imposed on the spot.
The blood-alcohol level in Slovakia is 0.0. Basically, if you drink any alcohol you can't drive.

Gas (BENZIN) is sold in several unleaded varieties (Natural 95 & 98) with a special mixture (UNI91) for older cars. Diesel fuel is also available.

Road conditions are generally up to Western standards especially on the Prague - Bratislava corridor. A new trans-national highway is being gradually built between Bratislava and Presov.

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