Bratislava Sightseeing

There are different ways to learn about Bratislava's past and present. Here you can find an overview of the different kinds of guided and self-guided tours of Bratislava available.

Minibus/Bus Tours

-- Custom minibus/bus tours/minitrain
If the scheduled time does not suit you or your group, you prefer a language other than English or wish to assemble your own tour in Bratislava and vicinity according to your preferences, you can order a custom Bratislava tour from one of our highly qualified partners. Various sizes of vehicles are available for hire or you can use your own car or bus. The tour will begin when and where you wish.
-- Tours by Presporacik Oldtimer® - minitrain
Tour4u, an incoming travel agency presently offers tours of the city by charming red mini-vehicles. The Presporacik, a bio-fuel powered vehicle traveling at a leisurely pace, is available for hire in the Main Square from 9 am to 5 pm for half-hour and full-hour tours around the Old Town. The Presporacik operates around the Old Town in any weather with tours in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Slovak, Japanese, Dutch and others.

Walking Tours

Most of the Bratislava Old Town and the Bratislava Castle can be explored conveniently on foot. A free walking tour is available from the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre at the Primacialne Square with the purchase of the Bratislava City Card.
-- Scheduled walking tours
Scheduled walking tours are available all-year-round from the Bratislava Tourist Service leaving every day at 2 pm from the Bratislava Tourist Service Information Agency office at Venturska 9. The tours are conducted in English and German. Additional languages can be arranged on request at least one day in advance.
-- Custom walking tours
Custom half-day (Custom Tour A) and full-day Bratislava walking tours (Custom Tour B) are available from our partners and can be adjusted according to your wishes and carried out in almost any language.


Use a Bratislava guide-book or visit the official Bratislava Tourist Information Centre in the Primatial Square.

Boat Tours

Scheduled and custom tours by boat are on offer. These include a 45 minute sightseeing tour of Bratislava and a tour to the Devin Castle. Visit for information on sightseeing tours by boat.