Parking in Bratislava

As in any major city popular in Bratislava, finding a parking space can be difficult. Therefore, it is useful to check the parking options in advance - not only where you can park best, but also as cheap as possible or even for free.

In this article, we bring you some tips on where and how to best park in Bratislava to avoid unnecessary payments for parking or endless search for a parking space so that you can enjoy your trip and the beauty of the city without unnecessary stress.

Where to park in Bratislava?

Parking in the centre

In the center of Bratislava you will find numerous underground and outdoor parking lots. You can also park on the street, but these are usually also charged and be aware of specific parking rules, otherwise you may find a wheel clamp on your car or it may be even towed away by a towing service.

There is a zone with restricted traffic in the city centre, where parking is allowed only in marked areas. Outside them parking is prohibited. When parking in the zone, there´ s an obligation to pay on weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm. You can buy a parking ticket in a ticket machine, coins as well as credit cards are accepted. You can choose required parking time length, but the minimum price is €0,70 for 30 minutes. For every additional inserted 10 cents you get 5 minutes of parking. When paying by credit card, you select the parking time using the buttons. The printed ticket has to be placed in a visible place inside the car. The payment can be made via SMS, too, but this service is supported only by SIM card registered at a Slovak provider.

However, if you park in these places outside of times mentioned above, or on weekends or holidays, parking on streets in the center is completely free. Nevertheless, finding a free parking space can be quite difficult.

Free parking in Bratislava within 10 minutes from the city center

When you do not insist on parking right in the centre, there are some parking spaces nearby where you can park for free and are within easy reach of the Bratislava center by public transport. 

Free parking area Tyršovo nábrežie - very close to the center, which is accessible by public transport as well as on foot. One of the largest parking slots, therefore high chance to find a place.

Free parking area under the Lafranconi bridge - great option when arriving to Bratislava from the D2 highway, but with lower probability to find a free parking spot in comparison to other mentioned options.

TPD in Petržalka - parking in front of a small shopping center. Smaller parking area, but usually with free spaces. Similar distance to the city centre as from the previous parking area, but not ideal for a walk. 

Parking in Bratislava shopping malls

One of the most popular options is parking in the garages of large shopping centres. Their great advantage is a large capacity of the parking places and therefore high probability that you find a free parking slot. Moreover, parking is usually free at least for some hours and/or on weekends. During working days it's still cheaper than in some parking houses or guarded car parks.

Aupark Bratislava-Petržalka

More than 2200 parking spaces. Aupark parking area is divided into 5 zones, of which some are free for the whole week (P3, P5), whereas parking in zones P1, P2 and P4 is free for the first 3 hours (and €3 for every additional hour) on weekdays and completely free on weekends. To the city centre it's a 10 minute walk.

EUROVEA shopping centre

Capacity of 1900 parking spaces. During weekdays free parking is for the first 3 hours, on weekends and public holidays first 5 hours. In both cases, each additional hour costs €3.50.

AVION Shopping Park Bratislava

The largest shopping centre not only in Bratislava, but also in Slovakia offers more than 3200 free parking spaces. 

Nivy centre

Completely newly opened in 2021 with around 2,100 parking spaces. Free parking for the first 3 hours during weekdays, on weekends for the first 5 hours. Similar as in the Aupark shopping centre, for each additional hour you will be charged €3. Night parking (midnight-8am) costs €1 per hour.


This shopping centre is situated not directly in the historical centre of Bratislava, but still not more than 10 minutes by public transport from the city centre. Ideal parking place when visiting sports events, as e.g. ice hockey stadium or football stadium are nearby. You can park there Mon-Fri for the first 3 hours free of charge, after that €3 per hour. Parking on weekends is free.


P+R free parking Bratislava

When you need to park for a longer time, so-called P+R parking areas are a great option as they are free of charge and always located within easy reach of public transport. In Bratislava, this parking system is not well developed yet, it's still in the progress. There´s one e.g. in front of the cemetery “Vrakuňa”, however it is quite far away from the city centre. 


Other Bratislava parking options

There are many other places you can park, however these parking lots are not free and sometimes quite expensive. On the other hand, they are usually guarded, secured and monitored.

Some examples of paid parking slots right in the centre:

Garage Centrum, Uršulinská street 6665
Garage Osobný pristav, Fajnorovo nábrežie 2
Garage Tatracentrum, Hodžovo námestie 4
BPS Park, Dunajská 1
Garage Staré Mesto, Medená 22
Hotel Carlton Garage, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 3
Garage Opera, Jesenského 4/C
Park Inn Hotel Danube, Rybné námestie 1
Garage Rajská
BPS parkovisko Starý most, Gondova
Hotel Kyjev, Rajská
The Crowne Plaza, Hodžovo námestie 2


Additional tips

You can find an interactive Bratislava parking map of all these places, moreover with prices, at 

The smart parking start-up app Spotee is also worth mentioning. This app connects people who are searching for a free parking spot with the people who are just leaving their parking spots.