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Upscale: Le Monde, Hviezdoslavovo nam +421 2 5441 5411 The Top-rated Bratislava restaurant. It is in a prime location and has repeatedly been declared Top Restaurant in Slovakia by Trend Top Restaurants. Primi, Michalska +421 2 5464 7344 Innovative…

Tipping in Bratislava

The idea of tipping in the last 15 years, much to the chagrin of many Europeans, has been spreading eastward at a steady pace. Slovakia is not a country where a large tip is necessary, and tipping a standard 20% may leave your waiter wondering if you…

Ethnic Restaurants

While the selection of ethnically-specialized restaurants does not yet match that of Western capitals, Bratislava has a growing number of good restaurants serving food from around the world.

Eat Healthy in Bratislava (Vegetarian, Vegan and Healthy Lunches)

Indeed, traditional Slovak bryndzove halusky are very tasty dish, but quite heavy, too. So what if you want to eat healthy and fresh in Bratislava?

Prasna Basta Restaurant

  Location: Zamocnicka street (near Frantiskanske square) Menu highlights: Popular starters include the Armenian salad, consisting of grated carrots and an extremely garlic flavored mayonnaise sauce. From the soup selection, try the onion soup …

Bratislava Restaurants

If you would like to sample some traditional Slovak fare or some of the Pressburg specialties, though they are not what most people eat anymore, try Prešburg on Michalska. Another option is the Traja musketieri styled as "the taste…

Fast-Food Tips and Late-Night Munching

In addition to the omnipresent McDonalds (Hviezdoslavovo Square, SNP Square, Obchodna, Eurovea) KFC (SNP Square, Obchodna) Burger King (Eurovea), Bratislava offers a growing selection of local fast-food options. In the winter-time, the …

REVIEW: Casa Inka - A Peruvian Restaurant You Must Try

By Claire Sturm If you are in the mood for something a little different than bryndzove halusky, Casa Inka is the place to go for a little trip to South America, and Peru in particular. This restaurant offers only a few of the varied Peruvian…

Food Review: A Tasty Steak House Near the Hockey Stadium

By Claire Sturm Meat lovers rejoice! While it might be a bit of a hike from downtown, Towers Restaurant is a good place to find tender juicy steaks. The point here is to come with a fairly clear idea of what you want. Order the meat type (Fillet…

Daily Deals in Bratislava's Old Town

by Amy M. Wicks If you are a traveler who enjoys sampling the local fare, traditional meals cooked at inviting restaurants, tempting drinks served at neighborhood establishments, during your journeys, then you know that it is easy to spend lots of…

REVIEW: Sindibad - An Iraqi Restaurant in Bratislava

By Claire Sturm In the mood for just a snack and a shisha, habibi? Owned by an Iraqi who has been in Bratislava for over 20 years, Sindibad has the vibe of the Middle East , complete with pop music of the region. Prop yourself in one of the huge…