Enjoy a movie, a little exercise, and a sauna in luxury

Filmwalker – This uniquely Slovak idea, Filmwalker takes three elliptical machines, in front of a --- screen in a quiet room and allows you and your friends a private viewing as you exercise. After that comes a shower designed to mimic the flowing of rain water, then time in the sauna, some time in the relaxation room, and relaxing salad and bruscheta made by the owner himself.

If you take a look at their website, FilmWalker has an extensive collection of films.
Something that much impressed me about film walker was how clean it was, well-kept, designed with acoustics, and visual appeal in mind. The price seemed a bit expensive to me until I arrived, at which point I understood how much care had gone into developing a very comfortable experience for visitors. Kudos to owner Lubos Dojcan for so successfully creating such an environment.

If you like films, and you like walking, visit film walker. It’s a fantastic and relaxing experience. Once a month, I spend 4 or 5 hours there relaxing after a hectic week of work. It’s perfect for visitors to Bratislava who want to spend time recharging. Great for residents of Bratislava who would like a few quiet hours away from home, with a few friends or alone.

20 Euro/person for filmwalking, sauna, relaxation room, shower, towel service (15 Euro for members)
5 Euro salad and brushceta
1 Euro robe rental
Filmwalker is located at Mudronova 44, which is 4 streets above Bratislava the castle. Trolley busses 203 and 207 go there. Palisady is the name of the steet between the presidential palace and the castle. It changes to mudronova after the castle.

After your relaxing hours there have come to an end, I strongly recommend their salad and a small glass of wine as you take a few minutes to chat with Lubos about life in Bratislava. He’s a man who knows the town.