Husacie Hody - What to Order - Goose Feast

A goose is huge. In case you're new to geese, you might not know that a cooked goose doesn't always come out as big as you'd expect and doesn't have as much meat on it as you might expect. Some goose farmers will expect you to buy an entire roast goose at once, but others will allow you to buy half goose portions or quarter portions. The general rule is 3-4 people can be fed by one goose.

The red cabbage of Central Europe is deliciously prepared – a little sweet and a little seasoning sometimes sauteed, sometimes roasted, be sure to get yourself a generous portion of the cabbage.

Lokse, a flat cake made of potatoes and flour, can be eaten as an appetizer, or as part of the main course as well.You can have lokse with a variety of toppings, but we strongly recommend you try lokse with goose liver pate on top. It is a delicious seasonal taste. Some people also enjoy lokse sprinkled with sweet toppings as a desert.

Dumplings are optional. Choose either lokse or dumplings as part of your main course.

The above meals can tend to be rich, which is part of the reason that it is eaten as a celebratory meal at this time of year and only once a year. A beer or a small glass of homemade alcohol may help cut some of the grease and ease your digestion. However, as November 11 marks the release of a new vintage of wine each year, a glass of the latest wine comes highly recommended.

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