Gluten-free Bratislava

An Ultimate Travel Guide (not only) for Celiacs

Although Slovak cuisine is characterized by dishes that are not entirely suitable for celiac disease or gluten allergy, the awareness and knowledge of this or any other food restriction is quite good. With the variety of new businesses popping up and the modernization of the food menu of existing ones, the options for gluten-free diners to eat without risking health complications are also expanding. 

This guide is intended for both locals and tourists looking for some information about gluten-free Bratislava and, hopefully, will help you enjoy your time in Bratislava without limitation. From 100% gluten-free places to restaurants willing to accommodate your special needs when preparing meals, from gluten-free breakfast to lunch or dinner spots, from gluten-free pizza or burgers to desserts and cakes, we've covered it all.

Gluten-free Bratislava: A complete guide

Navigating Gluten-free Prague with Ease: Useful Phrases in Slovak for Gluten-Free Dining Out

Communicating your dietary restrictions is crucial when dining out. Here are some Slovak phrases to help convey your gluten-free needs effectively:

  • I have celiac disease: “Mám celiakiu.”
  • I have a gluten allergy: “Mám alergiu na lepok.”
  • I am on a gluten-free diet: “Som na bezlepkovej diéte.”
  • Does this meal contain gluten?: “Obsahuje toto jedlo lepok?”
  • Do you have any gluten-free options?: “Máte nějaké bezlepkové varianty?”
  • Can I have [XY] gluten-free?: “Prosím, môžem dostať [XY] bez lepku?
  • Do you have [XY] gluten-free?: “Máte [XY] bez lepku?
  • Product may contain traces of gluten: “Výrobok môže obsahovať stopy lepku.”

Armed with these phrases, you can ensure that your dietary requirements are understood in any dining establishment.

In Slovakia, the menu is often marked with allergens. Often you can see little numbers next to a particular meal, e.g. 1, 7 means that the dish or food contains cereals with gluten and milk. Gluten-free options are sometimes marked also with a crossed-out cereal cob. However, especially if you are a celiac, it is always better to ask how the food is prepared. Usually the food itself does not contain gluten, but it can be prepared together with other food and gluten contamination cannot be avoided. 

Tip: Gluten-Free Travel Card Tip For added ease, consider carrying a gluten-free dining card in Slovak. This card can detail your gluten intolerance and is a straightforward way to communicate with chefs and servers, ensuring that your meals are prepared safely.

Best Gluten-Free spots in Bratislava

Bratislava's gluten-free offerings are diverse, ranging from dedicated gluten-free establishments to restaurants and cafes with gluten-free options. Want to treat yourself to a great gluten-free breakfast? Go for lunch, dinner or just a quick hunger relief? Craving a gluten-free pizza, burger, or something sweet? Just take your pick! 

100% Gluten-Free places in Bratislava

Sweet Street

A haven for gluten-free dessert lovers, Sweet Street boasts an entirely gluten-free bakery, offering everything from cakes to pastries, ensuring sweet indulgences are safe and satisfying. Although it is located just outside of Bratislava, the journey here is worth it. Or combine your visit with a trip to the nearby ZOO.

Gluten-free Bratislava: Sweet Street
Source: SweetStreet


For those seeking healthful options, BEMBA serves up a completely gluten-free and plant-based menu, focusing on raw foods that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Actually, they are the first raw food and plant-based restaurant in Bratislava. The location makes it an ideal stop when exploring the historic city centre.


YEME is a store that focuses on honest, quality and mostly local food. But more importantly, it offers the largest selection of alternative food: vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic, vegan… Among Bratislava residents, it is especially known for its 100% gluten-free bakery called Zrnie with both savoury and sweet treats.

Gluten-free bakery Bratislava
Source: Yeme - Zrnie Bakery

Restaurants and bistros in Bratislava with gluten-free options

Balans Bistro

Balans Bistro is your go-to for balanced, gluten-free meals that do not sacrifice flavor. Their menu caters to health-conscious diners without compromising on the dining experience. All allergens are always carefully marked.


A paradise for meat lovers. They do not offer a dedicated gluten-free menu, however, they´re able to accommodate special requests according to your dietary needs.


Who hasn't been to the Bratislava restaurant - Flag Ship doesn't know Bratislava! At least that's what another of our tips on where to eat gluten-free in Bratislava claims. The truth is that a visit to this restaurant, spread over three floors in a former monastery, is already an experience. Gluten-free diners will be welcomed with a menu that carefully indicates what is gluten-free. Our tip? Try the gluten-free beetroot pierogi.

Gluten-free restaurants Bratislava
Source: Slovak Pub, gluten-free beetroot pierogi

Slovak Pub

For gluten-free pierogi as well as traditional “šúlance”, you can also visit the Slovak Pub. In the 11 rooms of this pub, each decorated differently, you can also learn about the history of Slovakia, and what makes this place unique is also its own organic farm.

Bratislavský meštiansky pivovar

The fact that this brewery won the award for best wheat beer won't make visitors on a gluten-free diet too excited. However, one thing that this traditional brewery restaurant with classic Slovak cuisine will delight you with is the offer of gluten-free side dishes such as knedľa and also chlieb. So try e.g. segedin, sirloin in cream sauce or delicious ribs.

Urban House

A restaurant with a pleasant ambience and staff who are knowledgeable about the restrictions of a gluten-free diet. Allergens are clearly marked on the menu, and although there aren't many gluten-free options, if we should recommend one, try the tacos.

Enjoy Bistro

Looking for a gluten-free breakfast or brunch in Bratislava? Enjoy them at Enjoy! This place also offers a pleasant environment to sit with a coffee or with a laptop, as it is a bistro, café and workspace in one. Enjoy is also popular with parents because you will rarely find such an amazing children's corner as here.

Gluten-free breakfast Bratislava - Enjoy Bistro
Source: Enjoy Bistro

Orbis Street Food

A modern fast food concept that - unlike other fast food restaurants - focuses on the quality of its ingredients. Their traditional Belgian fries are legendary. But what's important to us is that almost every dish is also available in a gluten-free version.


The last tip is a little treasure for all people with some kind of food intolerance, allergies or just specific food preferences. In this modern holistic restaurant, for all foods, not only the allergens but also the ingredients and caloric value are listed. In addition, ordering is done through their own app, where you can choose according to your diet/restrictions/allergies or even adjust the ingredients to suit your individual needs.

Where to go for Gluten-free pizza in Bratislava

Bratislava caters to gluten-free travelers, and pizza lovers are no exception! Here's a breakdown of three popular pizza spots offering gluten-free options.

Gluten-free pizza in Bratislava
Source: U Taliana

Pizza Primavera

We don't dare say if it's the best pizzeria in town, as this place claims to be, but what we can definitely confirm is that it's one of the best options for gluten-sensitive people. All their pizzas have a gluten-free base, and the gluten-free offer doesn't end with the pizza. Pasta, risotto, burgers, salads, vegetable dishes and even more... Primavera has simply something for everyone. Great taste, large portions, affordable prices and a friendly staff to top it all off.

U Taliana

Cozy ambiance, friendly staff, delicious wines, excellent food and - first of all - wide gluten-free options, ensuring that even those with celiac requirements can enjoy a delightful dining experience. Sounds like a dream? Just head to this stylish Italian restaurant.

MayDay Pizza

Do you prefer pizza delivery or takeaway? Then Pizza MayDay is the number one choice. This place is not only famous for its gluten-free pizza in Bratislava. It also makes lactose-free pizza and protein pizza and there are so many options to choose from, you won't know which to get first.

Enjoy Gluten-Free Burger in Bratislava

For those looking for a tasty gluten-free burger in Bratislava, Regal Burger, or more specifically, one of their branches, Rooftop by Regal, should be your destination. They offer a variety of burgers that can be enjoyed with tasty gluten-free buns. Additionally, their Burger Bowls are an interesting twist to a classic burger.

Gluten-free burger Bratislava
Source: Rooftop by Regal

And although it may be unpalatable to admit, when looking for a gluten-free burger in Bratislava, McDonald's is also a safe bet

Gluten-free Bratislava for sweet tooth

For those with a sweet tooth visiting Bratislava, a plethora of delightful spots awaits, where a gluten-free diet is no obstacle. 

Funki Punki pancakes and Pán Cakes offer a wide variety of gluten-free pancakes (or even lactose free) with range of toppings and flavors, proving that gluten-free can also be fun and tasty. In Paris Café & Creperie, you can experience the authentic atmosphere of Parisian street cafés and enjoy crepes in all flavours - savoury, sweet, gluten-free as well as vegan. In addition to an afternoon coffee, stop by for breakfast or lunch. And not to be short on pancake tips - if you come across the Nektár food truck while wandering around Bratislava, don't leave without their gluten-free pancakes or waffles. Last but not least - when you get a craving for sweets, don't forget the tip we mentioned earlier - the 100% gluten-free Sweet Street with some of the best cakes we have ever eaten. 

Gluten-free pancakes Bratislava
Source: Pán Cakes

Can't imagine summer without ice cream? And there's no reason to, even if you're on a gluten-free diet. Arthur Gelato and Luculus promises some of the best ice cream in Bratislava, where every cone is an art - let alone when it's gluten-free and still tastes great.