Golf in Bratislava

Around the Bratislava area only a few golf courses can be found but for those interested in a slightly different experience there are also a few indoor golf simulators that may be much more attractive for beginners or children'.

Outdoor golf courses:

Golf and Country Club Bernolákovo


This Golf resort offers two separate golf courses: PARK has two 9-hole courses with a length of more than 3 kilometers and BLACK RIVER, which is an 18-hole course has a length of more than 6 kilometers. The playground that is built in the historical garden of the baroque mansion from the 18th century is about 20 kilometers away from centre of Bratislava. The resort is generally known as one of the most challenging course in Europe. The golf academy also participates at the resort. The resort is open for the golf season from March until November. The hours of operation vary during the season, but an exact schedule can be found on the resorts web page. Entry for the day costs about |20| during the week and during the weekend |40| is needed for a single entry. Suggested HCP for play on the course is up to 28 for men and up to 34 for women. There are no golf cars to rent in the area. Reservations and additional information can be found by calling +421 2 5443 2127 or +421 2 4599 4221 or by email at

Golf resort Čierna Voda


This course is an easy one and is best for beginners or for those clearing out the cobwebs at the beginning of the season. There is a 6-hole academic playground and 4-hole course reserved for training. The resort is located about 70 kilometers from Bratislava, in the neighborhood small town of Čierna Voda (Black water). There is also golf equipment rentals and a golf school and academy. The driving range is open year round and the course and training facilities are open from March until November. Opening hours are from 8.30a.m. until 10p.m. daily. Entry for one or two rounds is |10|, for three or more the cost is |15|. Reservations and additional information is available by calling +421 2 459 4 3611 or by email at

Golf club Pegas

This golf course is best for training and beginners as well. That being said, many tournaments and contests are held here. The club is located near the town of Lozorno, about 30 kilometers from Bratislava. The Driving range is open daily from 9a.m, entry to the area is |2| and a bucket of golf balls costs |6.50|. Play on the 6-hole course costs |5|. More information is available on request by emailing, or calling +421 905 299 396.

Golf Range Country Club, Bratislava - Záhorská Bystrica

This golf club is in the Bratislava suburb Záhorská Bystrica which is about 20 kilometers from the downtown of Bratislava and is easy to get by public transport, bus number 37. There is a 4-hole course, driving range, restaurant, and jockey area. There is also a possibility to reserve time with a personal trainer or to sign up for lessons in the golf school. Opening hours for the season are from 9a.m. until 7p.m. Entry to the club is |2|, a bucket of golf balls cost |4|, and play on the course is |8|. There is also the possibility to rent golf clubs for |3|. More information is available by calling +421 903 215 025, or by email at

Indoor Simulators:

Full Swing Indoor Golf Club, Bratislava


An indoor golf simulator with tracking system and a very realistic display can be found at full swing. The club is located on Bojnicka Street, number 18. One hour of play costs|13.9|. Golf club rental is for free. Open season is from November 1 till April 5, opening hours are from 10a.m. until 10p.m. daily. Reservations and more information can be had by calling +421 9 0380 2497 or +421 2 3544 8888 or by email at or

Golf in PKO

Another golf simulator can be found in Bratislava's PKO (Park of Culture and Relaxation) on the North bank of the Danube River and offers play on 10 real world golf courses. The simulator also features a stroke analyzer and a driving ranger. There is a bar with refreshments locate close to the simulator as well. Opening hours are from Monday to Thursday, 4p.m. until 10p.m. From Friday to Sunday the hours are 11a.m. until 10p.m. One hour costs |13.3|. More information is available by email at or by phone at +421 903 258 845

Relaxx - Golf Relax Indoor, Bratislava

This indoor club features three golf simulators and a professional stroke analyzer and is located in Bratislava's Petržalka, on Einstein Street, in a huge sport house that was only recently opened in the fall of 2008. Besides 100 square meters of space for the simulators, there is also an indoor driving range and putting area. Open daily from 8a.m. until 10p.m (from 2p.m. until 9p.m.during the summer season). The entry price varies depending on the season, day of the week, and hour, from |15 | up to |21.50| per hour on the simulator and from |8| up to |12| on the driving range. There is the possibility to reserve golf clubs, lockers, training courses, or sign up for a golf school. More information is available by phone at +421 2 6345 3036 or +421 911 280 772 or by email at