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Gay Bratislava Nightlife


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The New York Times named Bratislava among its Five Great Gay Destinations on September 25, 2005: "The scene may be small, but the boys in the Slovakian capital look like extras from a Bel Ami movie and are incredibly friendly." They recommended Apollon (see below) as the best club.
The leading club is the Gay Club Apollon on Panenska 24 in the centre, which is open most week nights from 6 pm and weekend nights from 8 pm until the morning.
The other well-known place is called Be Happy - a club/cafe at Vysoka 20 also in the city centre (near the Austria Trend Hotel). Monday to Thursday open from 3 pm to 2 am, Friday and Saturday 5 pm to 4 am and Sunday 5 pm to 2 am. A gay sauna is located round the corner at Zivnostenska.
G-Club Bratislava in Male Palenisko 11 is a new nonstop gay club outside of the city centre. It is a little pricier and offers in house strippers/escorts.
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