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City guide by local people

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Things to do in Bratislava

If you’re travelling across the continent of Europe, we would definitely recommend that you visit the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava! Whilst it isn’t as popular as other European capitals, there is no end of things to do is Bratislava.…

Goose Feast Guide - 'Husacie Hody' Guide

A traditional meal of goose and local specialties becomes popular in Bratislava on and around St. Martin's Day – November 11 and through the Christmas season. Our "Goose Feast Guide" will tell you all you need to know about the…

Day Trips and Tours

Cerveny Kamen Castle - wonderfully restored medieval castle with a museum accessible by car. Driny Cave - a beautiful cave with 450 m of walking paths offering guided tours near Smolenice, see directions and photo gallery here …

Best Hairdressers at Great Prices

Male or female, you should get your hair cut in Bratislava at prices you may find very reasonable.