Healthcare in Slovakia

The Slovakia healthcare system consists of both public and private health services. There are public hospitals, outpatient clinics and medical centres with a wide range of specialisations and medical centres and ambulances focused on one medical specialisation. The second group are private general medical centres, private hospitals and private one-specialisation medical centres.

Health insurance and treatment costs

In Slovakia, health care is provided on the basis of public health insurance, which is obligatory. What does it mean? In general, everyone has the right for health care free of charge. By the non-state facilities the patient's treatment costs are either fully covered by the patient's health insurance company or the patient pays a certain part of the amount as co-payment. Treatment costs in private for-profit facilities are usually fully covered by the patient.

EU citizens and treatment costs

The citizens from the EU member states, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland have in case of urgent and necessary treatment the right to emergency medical care under the same conditions as the Slovak citizens. Note - necessary treatment means a treatment that cannot wait for your return home, e.g. acute illness or accident, and the need for treatment must emerge during your stay abroad. This right covers the treatment costs as well. However, to apply this right a citizen from the above mentioned countries must be a holder of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles a person to free or reduced-cost medical care. In case such a citizen is not a holder of the EHIC he usually covers the treatment costs himself in full and must apply for a refund within his or her national health insurance system.

Non-EU citizens and treatment costs

Non-EU citizens must cover the cost of medical care in full.

If you need help, you have the right to choose your own health care provider, both from the public or private sector. However, we recommend to choose that one that has an agreement with one of the following health insurance companies - Dovera, Union or VšZP (Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa). Otherwise, when a healthcare provider has no contract with a health insurance company, you will have to cover all the costs yourself.

Emergencies and hospitals in Bratislava

Below there´s an overview of some emergency services and medical care in Bratislava you can use in case of some urgent problems:

Emergency service for adults
Outpatient emergency clinic in Sancova Street 110 or in Strecnianska Str. 13

Emergency service for children and youth
The National Institute of Children's Diseases by Children's University Hospital Bratislava - Kramare in Limbova Street 1

Dental emergency
Denta Group, Drienova 37, or Stomamed, Laurinska 16.

Emergency service is also available 24 hours a day in the following Bratislava hospitals:
University Hospital Bratislava - Old Town, Mickiewiczova street 13;
University Hospital Bratislava - Ruzinov, Ruzinovská street 6, Bratislava
University Hospital Bratislava - Kramare, Limbova street 5, Bratislava
University Hospital Bratislava - st. Cyril and Methodius, Antolska 11, Bratislava Petrzalka

Emergency telephone numbers

Remember: you never know when you will find yourself in a situation where you or someone around you needs help. It is therefore very important to know these numbers:

112 - uniform number of the emergency service in the EU
155 - emergency medical service (first aid)
158 - police
159 - Bratislava city police 
150 - fire and rescue service