Husacie Hody - Which Kind of Oven is Best? - Goose Feast

Purists on geese have a sort of elitism on this issue. Back long ago, there was a merchant in Slovensky Grob, a city just outside of Bratislava who sold geese that had been roasted in a stone oven.

This large stone oven could roast dozens of geese at a time. It is said that in Slovensky Grob, the traditional way, and the most delicious way to roast a goose is in a stone oven. Those who don't own a stone oven will tell you there's no difference. In our opinion, a mature goose on a bed of red cabbage is delicious no matter what you roast it in.

Where can I have a "goose feast" prepared for me?
What should I ask for as part of my "goose feast"?
What kind of oven is the best for goose - stone, gas, or electric?
Why do Slovaks eat goose at this time of year?
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