Bratislava Stag Advice and A-Z Stag Guide

For a period of time Bratislava had become one of Europe's most popular stag party destinations for UK stag dos. Much like other European stag destinations, the offerings for the stag market have evolved as more lad-packed budget airline flights landed in Bratislava's small airport.

The main wave has run its course as prices have risen and various public incidents turned many locals hostile. When you hear Bratislava stag operators talking up the city be careful. Even a relatively calm group will have a hard time getting into many bars and clubs (see great discussion below our article on clubbing).

On the other hand there are still great activities, perhaps one of the main selling points. Shooting is very popular due to the availability of machine guns and other arms not allowed in the UK. Alcohol is also much cheaper some places but there is a growing number of places with Western prices and subpar service. The days of the 40p pints in central Bratislava are history.

Attractive women are another selling point for Bratislava but many stag groups will not interact with any beyond their paid guides. Check out a feature on Bratislava seduction including great shots of Bratislava girls by a self-styled "seduction expert" - but note that the stories go back to a time when the Slovak crown (the currency before we adopted the euro) was weak and foreigners rarer.

Stag travel is still a relative novelty in other parts of the country (such as Kosice). Weekend groups enjoy warm hospitality, cheap beer and spirits with a dose of Slovakia's distinctly central-European charm. The infrastructure (activities, guides) is missing or less formal.


Stag groups usually arrive to Bratislava Airport or to Vienna Schwechat Airport (a half hour by car). Transfers can be ordered as a part of a package or separately, usually at better rates (see offer from our partners).

Available Activities

Sports: Bowling, Bungee Jumping, Clay pigeons shooting, Golf, Go-Karts, Horsebackriding, Jetskis, Paintball/Airsoft, Rafting/Kayaking, Quads, Rockclimbing, Skydiving/Paragliding, Firing range practice, Ultimate Frisbee
Night-life: Disco/Night Club, Guided pub crawl, VIP club entry
Dining: Absinth Night, Goose feast, Luxury dinner, Traditional Slovak dinner, Winetasting
Culture: Communism Nostalgia Tour, Concerts, Daytrips, Museum visits, Castle visits, Opera


On offer from Ryanair to Bratislava, with numerous providers to nearby Vienna. See more on Ryanair Flights to Bratislava.


Not all hotels accept stag parties and of those that do not all offer good services. Order as a part of a package (watch out for providers who keep hotel names secret from you - they usually do it to hide the cost of other "free" services by hiking up accommodation prices). Consult for up-to-date advice on stag-friendly hotels and apartments. The most popular stag party hotels include the Hotel Kyjev in a very central location at a reasonable price, Hotel Junior outside of the city centre and some of the nicer hotels in the Old Town.


Top local providers include BratislavaStag and Bratislava Pissup. Check the quality and price of accommodation you have been offered at.


Although prices have risen in the centre of Bratislava, they mostly remain more than reasonable by UK standards. Accommodation can be had from very cheap (in hotels outside of the centre with little more than clean beds) to luxurious (top hotels in the centre). Beer starts from GBP 1 per pint, hard liquor from GBP 1.60 per shot and a full meal from about GBP 10 per person. Taxis run from GBP 5 to about GBP 15 anywhere around the centre, lap dances start at GBP 30. Watch out for overcharging, if you can.


Lots of stag friendly pubs are available, although some central pubs admit stag groups at the built bouncers' discretion (no point arguing, especially if you look racuous). Some nights stag groups are kept out for the comfort of other patrons. Most pubs and bars offer table service - you do not need to go to the bar - relative politeness and good tipping can get you fast turnaround on beers. See more pub information.

Strip Bars and more

Strip bars are not hard to find in the centre - some now hand out flyers near the old National Theatre (many also serve as "massage parlours" - some visitors love this while others are surprised). Read more on Bratislava adult entertainment scene.


If you worry about being ripped off stay sober (haha). Total cost should come out quite reasonable even if you are overcharged at most normal places. Do not destroy the weird outdoor statues (the people of Bratislava take it very personally, as do the state and city police these days). Do not swim nude in the fountains - public nudity is a prisonable offense. Watch out for the useful warnings provided by the UK Embassy in a campaign effort hoping to preserve friendly relations between the two nations.