Best ice cream in Bratislava

Top 11 places to enjoy this summer delicacy

Can you imagine summer without ice cream? We certainly don't! Some like it fruity, some like it chocolatey, some prefer to stick to the tried and tested flavours, some like to experiment. Whichever group you belong to, we've picked out a few places in Bratislava that every ice cream lover shouldn't miss. What is common to all of them? High-quality, handmade ice cream that will delight every sweet tooth and is a great refreshment on hot summer days. Bratislava's ice cream parlours rank high in international comparisons, and the frequent long queues in front of some of them speak for themselves. So where to go for the best summer treat? 

Best Ice Cream Bratislava

1. Arthur Ice Cream

Address: Laurinská 780, Bratislava

When you walk through the centre of Bratislava and come across a queue of visitors waiting for ice cream, you can be sure that you are standing in front of Arthur Ice Cream shop. This gelato is located near one of the artistic attractions of Bratislava - the statue of Čumil, and the ice cream from here is basically art. In addition to the traditional flavours, it also offers a number of original ones. Have you ever tasted black ice cream? It's one of the local specialties, moreover served in a black cone. You should try! You can decorate the ice cream according to your taste as well and what's more - all ice creams are also gluten-free. Try one of the delicious fruit sorbets - and you can´t be disappointed. If you're a fan of healthier eating, you might be pleased to know that they plan to make sugar-free ice cream. In addition to the exceptionally high quality ice cream, this ice cream shop is also special because of its interior and unusual decoration - 24-carat gold chandeliers made of edible gold hang above the heads of visitors.

2. Koun

Address: Paulínyho 1, Bratislava

Are you such an ice cream lover that you would go to the ends of the earth to get the best one? Good news, just go to Paulínyho Street, where Koun Gelato is located. If you ever hear that this is the best ice cream in Bratislava, if not the whole of Slovakia - believe it. Koun is a family-run business and all ice creams are handmade from high quality fresh ingredients according to an Italian recipe. The flavours on offer change daily - the current range is always posted on the website. Are you curious what poppy seed, basil or peanut ice cream tastes like? Or even pineapple with radish sprouts? Come and taste it! If ice cream alone is not enough for you, you can also try a specialty - Sicilian brioche with ice cream (it looks like a sandwich) or hot waffles filled with ice cream. And one interesting fact: the chef and owner in one even graduated from Gelato University in Italy. So for a taste of the real Italy, head to Koun. 

3. Luculus Ice saloon

Address: Panská 29, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 16 a 24, Bratislava
Website, Facebook, Instagram

Not far from Arthur's ice cream parlour and Koun is another place we can recommend - Luculus. It is one of the oldest ice cream parlours in Bratislava, they started producing ice cream in 1954. They already have three branches in Bratislava, where they offer over 170 types of ice cream, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free ice cream included. You can also enjoy a wide selection of dessert and good coffee. 

And one interesting fact: In 2011 the Luculus´s ice cream maker Nadži created a Slovak record - 150 scoops of ice cream on 1 cone. The record was registered and to this day no one has managed to beat it! 

4. Mondieu

Address: Laurinská 7 and Bory Mall, Bratislava
Website, Facebook, Instagram

This bistro will especially please vegans, as their ice cream is completely vegan. The “Veganista” ice cream, which you can taste here, is even the first vegan ice cream in Slovakia. The recipe comes from two sisters from Vienna who, even as vegans, didn't want to give up this treat. There is no milk or eggs, the base for all the flavors are soy, oat or rice milk, or none at all when it comes to sorbets. The range of flavours changes daily, but in addition to the traditional ones, you can also find flavours such as roasted coconut or candied nuts. In addition to ice cream, you can also enjoy healthy breakfast, lunch or even dinner at this bistro.

5. I Nonni Cremeria

Address: Laurinská 9, Bratislava
Facebook, Instagram

A pleasant Italian-style café where they are not afraid to experiment with ice cream flavours. They offer more than 25 variants daily, including vegan, traditional and even salty ice cream. All are made using a natural, artisanal method, which means that all the ingredients in the ice cream must be made in-house, in their own laboratories. The portions are really big. So stop by Peppe's, who will serve you this creamy treat with a smile. We recommend trying also coffee and tasteful cakes.

Best Ice Cream Bratislava

These five ice cream shops are probably the most well-known and often recommended by all the guides. However, a slightly higher price has to be taken into account here. That's why we have included in our selection other, smaller, but equally great and quality ice cream parlours where you can enjoy a good portion of cold refreshment for even more affordable prices. 

6. U Marečka

Address: Kazanská 41, Bratislava

Another ice cream, which we recommend to try, is located in Vrakuňa. The ice cream is made right in the kiosk and you can enjoy about 20 types of ice cream daily, sorbets are also on offer. All of them are egg-free and lactose-free. The current offer is posted daily on the Facebook page and in addition to the traditional flavours, you will also find flavours such as mint and chocolate, apple pie, raffaelo, oreo, salted caramel and more. 

7. Ice Cream Cookies

Address: Poľnohospodárska 109, Bratislava
Website, Facebook, Instagram

Ice cream Cookies is another ice cream parlour located in Vrakuni. At first glance, it may not be a traditional ice cream parlour, but it is a family business producing ice cream according to its own recipe. Every day, the menu, which is always posted on Facebook, offers 17 types of ice cream and one type of sorbet. As the name suggests, chocolate lovers in particular will find something to their liking here. You can taste Bounty ice cream, Raffaello, Kinder white chocolate, different variants of caramel, peanut butter, but also poppy seed. Do you prefer to stick to the classics? Don't worry, you can choose here too. 

8. Domček Medická

Address: Medická zahrada, Bratislava
Website, Facebook

How about combining a nice walk or relaxing in the park with enjoying a great ice cream? Medická zahrada is one of the most popular public parks in Bratislava, and it is also home to the cozy café and bistro Domček Medická. Here you can taste quality, handmade homemade ice cream, have a delicious coffee, lemonade or other snacks on the terrace, while children can run around in the park. Occasionally, workshops or events for children are held here.

9. Andersen Ice Cream

Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 169, Bratislava
Website, Facebook, Instagram

Would you like a fabulous ice cream or sorbets suitable for vegans? Then stop by Andersen Ice Cream near Bratislava Castle. They prepare fresh ice cream every day, even during the day, so you can enjoy the best quality. Among the flavours, besides the traditional ones, you will also find flavours like for example snickers, mint and chocolate chips or Kinder Bueno. And speaking of kids - they'll conjure up a fairy tale character out of the ice cream, so the kids will be delighted.


Address: Bridlicová 17/B, Bratislava

It's another Italian cafe that's further away from the centre, but if you happen to be passing by, drop in. You can have an artisan gelato (beware, not ice cream! ) made to an Italian recipe, and they also offer a range of other Italian specialities - cheeses, salami, pesto and many more besides coffee.

11. Jadranská zmrzlina U Aziriho

Address: Ružinovská, Bratislava

A smaller ice cream stand, but pleasantly located by the park and popular with locals. Here you can enjoy creamy ice cream with a Mediterranean touch and at a pleasant price. You won't go wrong by visiting this place!

Still not enough tips on where to go for ice cream? Okay, no wonder. So here are some more tips: 

Ice Cream LuMi - Ovsištské nám. 1 - Petržalka
Special Gelato - Panská 23
da Claudia - Drieňová 1476
Cafe Cafe - Pribinova 8, Eurovea shopping mall
TIMI AMO gelato - Rumančekova 15
F. X. Messerschmidt - Námestie SNP 8