ZIP / Postal Code in Bratislava

A postal code (PSC) is a series of numbers (or even letters) which is an essential part of the address and is used for routing and quick sorting mails. It serves the same purpose as ZIP code system in the US. When sending a letter or a package to Slovakia, it is important to include the postal code because although it may arrive to the place without the PSC as well, it is more likely to get lost during  transit.

Postal code system in Slovakia

The postal code in Slovakia consists of five numbers, usually written with a space in the form XXX XX. It is basically the code of the post office at which the parcel will arrive. The first digit indicates a region. The second number indicates the area of the final post office. The fourth and fifth numbers note the exact post office.

Did you know, that...
There´s one interesting fact about the PSC. The postal code system was introduced in the former Czechoslovakia and remained unchanged, which is reflected, for example, by the fact that the numbers 1-7 in the first position are reserved for the Czech Republic.

ZIP code Bratislava

Slovakia postal code starts with:

0 - for northern and eastern Slovakia
9 - southern and western Slovakia
or 8 for Bratislava. The second number in the Bratislava postal code represents one of the five districts of Bratislava.

If you know the address but not the postcode, you can easily find it online, for example using this tool.