Playing Frisbee in Bratislava

Frisbee does not have a long tradition in Bratislava, but there already exist some professional teams playing ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee Clubs

here are four known ultimate Frisbee teams in Bratislava: Mental Disorders Frisbee ClubScorpions Bratislava, Discredit and OutsiterzSlovak Frisbee Association holds championship in ultimate Frisbee annually.

Where to play for fun

City parks and gardens offers good possibility to play Frisbee for fun with your friends. For smaller groups, Medical Garden is a nice place to play Frisbee and relax.

For larger groups or groups that want to play ultimate Frisbee obeying all rules, Park of Janko Kral (Sad Janka Krala) located by Danube is larger park and thus suitable for marking the field and playing tournaments.

If you want to have some more space and don't like many passersby, you could take a bus to Zelezna studnicka located at the outskirt of Small Carpathian mountains. There are many leveled grass grounds suitable for playing Frisbee in larger groups.