Bratislava Weather

General information

Bratislava is located in a mild climatic zone of continental nature, characterised by wide differences between temperatures in summer and winter, as well as by four distinct seasons of the year. Recently, the transitions from winter to summer and summer to winter have been rapid, with short autumn and spring periods. Due to climate change snow also occurs less frequently than in the past..
Although Slovakia has no sea, its short distance from the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas means that the weather in Slovakia can be affected by them.

Average temperatures in Bratislava

As mentioned before, for Bratislava, or Slovakia in general, are typical hot summer and cold winters. The hottest months are July and August and the coldest months are January and February. 

The hottest month: July
The coldest month: January
The most rainfall: June
The most sunshine hours: July

Below is a table with a summary of average daily temperatures and rainfalls throughout the year.  

°C -1 1 6 11 16 19 21 20 17 11 4 1
°F 30 33 43 51 60 65 70 68 62 52 39 34


mm 40 50 40 30 60 70 40 60 50 30 60 50
days 13 11 15 14 14 15 15 12 14 15 16 14

Best time to visit Bratislava

In Bratislava, temperatures do not usually rise or fall to extremes, therefore it can be said that all the seasons are in general suitable for a visit - Bratislava has something to offer in any weather. Probably May, June and September seems to be the best months for a visit. However, it depends on your preferences and what you expect to do during your visit.

During spring daytime temperatures are pleasant, although it's better to bring a sweater and a jacket for the evening. It´s a blossom season, so the view of the city can be really amazing. Moreover, restaurants, cafés and pubs start preparing their gardens for outdoor seating. There might be less tourists, as well. The season of river cruises usually starts during May/June as well. 

During summer, the Danube moderates the heat and there are many green spaces such as Devín and the Kamzík Hills to escape to. There are a lot of possibilities of sport and leisure time activities as weel.

If you are planning a visit in autumn, you can look forward to seeing Bratislava in many colours. And do you like Christmas markets and Christmas atmosphere? Then December is the right month for your visit.

Good to know: Bear in mind that some tourist places may be closed in the off-season (usually October - March), so check in advance the opening hours to avoid disappointment.

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