Best Bakeries in Bratislava

A crunchy guide by locals

Craving a crusty bread or a perfect croissant? Or can't imagine breakfast without fresh baked foods? How we understand! That's why we decided to write down where to go for the best one in Bratislava. Thank goodness, long gone are the days when you could only find white rolls and at most two types of bread on the shelf. Today, Bratislava is home to several artisan bakeries, where even a basic food like bread can be turned into deliciousness. So let's introduce them! 

Best Bakeries Bratislava

KRUH remeselná pekáreň

Address: Vajnorská 21, Bratislava

When you say sourdough bread, it should be immediately followed by the bakery KRUH. This bakery in Bratislava is famous for it as it´s a real masterpiece. In addition to bread, a large part of the assortment consists of sweet pastries, especially croissants. They even bake the traditional Italian delicacy Panettone. Among the savoury options, Roman pizza or focaccia are worth trying. In addition to great baked goods, the bakery also boasts a pleasant family atmosphere, where people love to return. After all, the bakery is run by a couple, and in every piece, you can feel that they do their work with love.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: KRUH


Address: more branches in Bratislava, see the map below

We don't know anyone in Bratislava who has never tasted pastries from Fertucha, or at least hasn't heard about them. This stylish family bakery, doubling as a café, entices with its aroma at several locations in Bratislava. While their specialty lies more in cakes and other sweet treats than bread, but if you want to sweeten your life a little, this in Bratislava well-known bakery is the place to go. The menu changes throughout the year based on seasonal ingredients, but you can always drop by for traditional and savory pies, various cakes, and countless types of cheesecakes. They also cater to vegans and people with intolerances, which adds to their charm.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Fertucha

Pekáreň HÁJ

Address: Gessayova 9, Bratislava

Another of our tips on bakeries in Bratislava started as the official bakery for the Roxor burger joint, supplying them with buns. Later, they expanded to include a café and diversified their offerings with more savory and sweet treats. Although their fluffy brioche buns remain their signature bake, you can indulge in more delights while sipping your coffee, such as focaccia, pastries, or cinnamon rolls. Everything reflects their commitment to quality and genuine ingredients. Worth mentioning are also their colorful buns, a perfect addition to elevate your homemade burger grilling experience.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Pekáreň Háj

Fleur Bakery

Address: Štúrova 14/8, Bratislava

Fleur Bakery is a slice of France in Bratislava. And actually, Italy. And Denmark. Because if anywhere has perfect croissants or pain au chocolat straight from the streets of Paris, Roman pizza like from the Italian capital, or well-known Nordic Danish pastries, it's Fleur Bakery in Bratislava. Whether you stop by for a tasty treat on the go or linger for a while with coffee, in this pleasant bakery in Bratislava centre, every sweet tooth will be satisfied.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Fleur Bakery

The Midnight Bakery

Address: Blumentálska 2727/19, 811 07 Bratislava

From studying cybernetics in Ukraine, through marketing and food blogging, to the role of head baker and finally to opening his own bakery – That, in a nutshell, is the story of the founder of this Bratislava bakery, where the primary focus is on sourdough baked goods. And not just any sourdough, but a special Lievito madre sourdough that the founder, Mykola, originally from Ukraine, brought from Italy years ago. In addition to various types of bread, including the typical Ukrainian one, you can also indulge in croissants, brownies, canelle, Danish pastries, and other assorted treats with seasonal fruit, as well as bagels or Roman pizza. For those eager to learn the art of working with sourdough, The Midnight Bakery offers baking courses and Mykola is happy to share even his precious sourdough starter. Thumb up! Best Bakeries Bratislava: The Midnight Bakery

Chez Balzac

Address: Hlboká cesta 7

Chez Balzac is a renowned restaurant in Bratislava focused on upscale French gastronomy, but less known is that it includes a bakery. And not just any bakery! We dare to say that here you can get some of the best baguettes in Bratislava. And not just those – there's also a decent selection of sweet pastries, predominantly of the French types. An interesting twist is an unconventional offer, such as bread colored with activated charcoal. Stop by for breakfast, enjoy a baguette on the terrace with French butter and jam, accompanied by a glass of champagne, and you'll experience a little piece of France in Bratislava.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Chez Balzac

Chlieb náš

Address: Mateja Korvína 2, Bratislava

Chlieb náš is a rising star in Bratislava´s bakery scene. This craft bakery, originally from Trnava, expanded to Bratislava in 2023. And here too, their sourdough works wonders. In the minimalist interior, you can peek directly over the bakers' shoulders – that is if you can divert your gaze from the large wooden counter showcasing a variety of fresh sweet and savory treats.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Chlieb náš

Pekáreň na Kolibe

Address: Jeséniova 19, Bratislava

At Pekáreň na Kolibe, machines take a backseat. Instead, skilled hands shape their bread and pastries. In this traditional artisan bakery, the original plan was to focus mainly on cakes and other pastries, but they didn't stop there. Although the bakery is a bit outside of Bratislava, locals are more than willing to make the trip e.g. for their Bratislava rolls. Alternatively, those craving delights from this Bratislava bakery can have them delivered right to their table as they are one of the few bakeries that offer fresh bread delivery to home.

Šiškáreň - pekáreň

Address: Fresh Market, Rožňavská 1A, Bratislava

As a trained baker, Karol spent years gaining experience abroad before returning to Bratislava to offer the locals what they know best: traditional doughnuts (šišky in Slovak), and honest homemade sourdough bread. Everything he sells goes through his hands, from his own sourdough and homemade fillings to the final products. The fact that everything often sells out before closing time is proof that it was a bull's-eye. So if you don't want to leave empty-handed, we recommend stopping by early in the morning.

Best Bakeries Bratislava: Šiškáreň

Extra tip

If you are one of those who struggle with various food intolerances, diabetes or follow a vegan diet, Mimi´s Bakery, although a little out of Bratislava, is the right place for you. Bread, pastries, sweet and savoury treats - everything here is tailored so that everyone can enjoy. And most importantly - without compromising on great taste!

Map with an overview of the best bakeries in Bratislava