Smoking in Bratislava

Smoking is very widespread in Slovakia - over a third of the population smoke. Nevertheless, ban on smoking has been in force since September 2009 and basically, it´s prohibited to smoke in every business serving food.

Where are you (not) allowed to smoke in Bratislava?

Smoking in restaurants, cafés and pubs

All restaurants are fully or partially non-smoking. Most cafés and pubs still allow smoking, but can not serve food due to the anti-smoking law requirements. The number of non-smoking cafes has been growing mainly in the pedestrian zone of the Old Town. Most tea-houses are strictly non-smoking and in cake shops and fast-food restaurants smoking is prohibited by law.

Open areas

Smoking is permitted in most open areas with some exceptions. According to the Slovak law smoking is prohibited: on trains (except for designated smoking carriages) and all public transport vehicles, at sanitary facilities, schools and universities, children's playgrounds, bureaus, theatres, cinemas, shops and galleries.

Public transport stations and stops

Smoking is also prohibited at the train and bus stations as well as on platforms and bus stops. The non-smoking signs at the Main Train Station in Bratislava (Hlavna Stanica) are missing or very small, but the police is present and often fine smokers. As lots of people used to smoke on the bus stops, the new law forbids smoking at the bus stops and in the distance of four metres from the marked platform.

Age limit

Selling cigarettes to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited as well. Lots of the prohibitions are not being kept, mainly smoking at the bus stops and playgrounds. However, the fine for breaking this law is quite high.

Where you can buy cigarettes

Cigarettes can be bought at kiosks, newspaper stands, gas stations and most supermarkets. Some restaurants, cafés and pubs sell cigarettes as well. The offer is usually limited to one or two brands. Pubs with cigarettes vending machines offer a wider range of brands. In general the Slovak market offers a wide range of tobacco products and cigarette brands from American to British, Czech and Austrian.

Cigarette prices in Slovakia

According to the law the prices of cigarettes must be the same no matter where bought. In spite of governmental price and tax hikes, cigarettes are still cheaper than in Western Europe. 

Import of tobacco products

Slovakia applies the following quantity limitations on import of tobacco products:
From a country non-EU Member States:  200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars and 205 grams of smoking tobacco per person.
From a country within the EU: 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos, 200 cigars or 1 kg of smoking tobacco per person.