Dunajska Street and Mlynske Nivy Scene Miniguide

The area around Dunajska and Mlynske Nivy (where the main bus terminal is located) has a spirit of its own. More and more new buildings and reconstructed facades are changing the face of this relatively new Old Town area. The nightlife and dining scene are picking up as well with some traditional bars revived and new venues popping up. This is a heavily residential area with very lucrative apartment blocks, especially in its art nouveau sections around Jakubovo Square, Klemensova and 29. Augusta Street.


Pub u zelenho stromu (At the Green Tree) - student hangout and popular lunch spot.


Kebab in Liga Passage
U Melonka - restaurant in a modern ship-shaped office building.
Other Venues
Billa - for better or worse, the former Stara Sladovna, not so long ago the largest beer pub (pivaren) in Central Europe, resided in the whole building. Now there is the Austrian supermarket, uncommonly in the cavernous ground floor space of the building.
Dunajska Street Market - a small but genuine outdoor market, with only one or two fruit and flowers vendors during the week.
Florist in Liga Passage
Dunajska - new building by gutgut
Hungarian Gymnasium - large building at the corner of Dunajska and Rajska
Main Bus Terminal (Autobusova Stanica Mlynske Nivy) - soon to undergo reconstruction into Twin City
Medical Garden - landscaped public garden behind the offices of the Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University.
Parking - there is a garage accessible from two sides - Feriencikova and Cintorinska with free parking if you buy enough at the supermarket.
Rajska Apartments - several apartments in a functionalist corner building at Rajska and Dunajska
Ship-like building by Maly Trh - the building belongs to a private equity company, restaurant on ground floor
VUB - blue building by the bus station, an example of modern Slovak architecture at its usual