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Cerveny Kamen Castle - wonderfully restored medieval castle with a museum accessible by car.
Driny Cave - a beautiful cave with 450 m of walking paths offering guided tours near Smolenice, see directions and photo gallery here accessible by car or by bus (click here for a schedule of buses to Smolenice)
Gyor - hop across the border to this quaint Hungarian town, see list of historical sites here, accessible by car or by bus or train (click here for a schedule)
Moson Magyarovar Thermal Baths - accessible by car, bus or train (click here for a schedule)
Modra - historical town with rich wine-making traditions, accessible by car or by bus (click here for a schedule)
Pezinok - historical town with rich wine-making traditions, accessible by car or by bus (click here for a schedule). There are a number of very reasonably priced traditional restaurants, wine archives. Great for a half-day tour with a pleasant walk, sumptuous meal and wine-tasting.
Smolenice Castle - a wonderfully restored castle dating back to 15th century offering guided tours (only summer months) - see homepage and directions here, accessible by car or bus (click here for a schedule)
Trnava - Slovakia's oldest city with a rich history - many restaurants, a beautiful historical core - see guided tour suggestions at city site, accessible by car, bus or train (click here for a schedule)
Danube Flood Plain National Park in Lower Austria contains the largest natural riparian wetlands in Central Europe. The park presents complex ecosystems with an enormous diversity of habitats, plant and animal species. It provides for exciting biking tours and guided or self-guided hikes.
The Archeological Park Carnuntum brings to life the site of a Roman camp and town that had been the capital of the Roman province of Upper Pannonia. Only 25 km from Bratislava, on the way to Vienna, the Carnuntum is a great place to spend a day with family.
Find further day-trip tips from the Slovak Spectator newspaper here.

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