Bratislava Real Estate, Districts, Prices

Administrative organization

There are five main districts (former state administration units) in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia. Each district contains a number of city parts with their own mayor and council.

The smallest district is Bratislava I - centrally located Bratislava Old Town (Stare mesto). Bratislava II district covers the city parts RuzinovVrakuna and Podunajske Biskupice. Bratislava III district consists of New Town (Nove mesto) and the formerly rural Raca and Vajnory parts. Nove mesto part is a larger area just in the vicinity of the Old Town, still containing some locations considered as central (referred to as the wider centre or "sirsie centrum" in Slovak).Karlova vesDubravkaLamacDevin (including the Devin castle), Devinska Nova Ves and village Zahorska Bystrica belong to district Bratislava IV. Bratislava V covers the largest part of Bratislava - Petrzalka (with its concrete apartment blocks) and the formerly independent villages JarovceRusovce and Cunovo.

Bratislava Real Estate

Whether you are looking to buy Bratislava apartments, commercial properties, houses or simply looking for roommates or vacation rentals, our brief overview of Bratislava real estate should help you find your bearings in the Bratislava real estate market.

After peaking in 2008 the market declined in 2009 and was stable in 2010.

Bratislava Apartments

Plenty of apartments are available for immediate rental in Bratislava. Rental prices start at about EUR 500 (+utilities about EUR 150) per month for apartments located in the centre of Bratislava and drop mostly with longer distance from the center of Bratislava. There are some special cases, such as the village of Zahorska Bystrica, where rent for properties (houses) can compare with the price of centrally located luxury flats.

Rental prices for apartments situated in less demanded districts including Nove mesto, Ruzinov, Karlova Ves, Dubravka, Raca or Petrzalka (i.e. districts Bratislava II through Bratislava V) start at EUR 250 for one-room (studio) apartments, EUR 350 for two room apartments and about EUR 450 and more for three room apartments.

Flat sharing (roommates) is common between students and young professionals with prices starting at about EUR 200 per room.

The usual letting period for apartments is one year. Flats range from studios (garzonka), usually with a small hallway, a single room and a kitchenette in one of those spaces to multiple bedroom flats and penthouses. Usually, flats are referred to not by the number of bedrooms but by the number of rooms (i.e., a 3-room flat would be the equivalent of a flat with two bedrooms and a living room).

Bratislava Office Buildings and Commercial Properties

The supply of high quality office space is increasing rapidly in Bratislava with the construction of new business centres and the upgrading of office space and converted residential space in and around the city centre.

Rent for office space in Bratislava starts at about EUR 100 per square meter per year not including additional energy and services costs in the outskirts of the city and runs to well over EUR 300 for first class offices in new buildings in the centre and nearby localities.

The largest business centre include the Apollo Complex around Prievozska, Bratislava Business Center around Plynarenska, Digital Park in Petrzalka, Galvaniho Business Center near the Airport and City Business Centre at Mlynske Nivy.

Real Estate Agencies

There is a growing number of foreign-run, mostly UK-based real estate agencies specialising in helping foreigners with finding, purchasing, restoring and renting properties in Bratislava and around Slovakia such as Herrys, Bratislava Construction, Slovakia Investment Property, Slovakia Property or CE Invest.

Additionally, there are a variety of local real estate agencies and independent brokers in Bratislava. An exhaustive list of real estate agencies with links can be found at If you require a real estate agency referral, please contact us by email at.