What Is Bryndzové Halušky?

Have you seen “bryndzové halušky” on a menu of a Slovakian restaurant, and had no idea what it could be and if you should taste it? Well, if you’re a sheep cheese lover, go for it! Also, if you really want to experience Slovakia, this is one of the ways. There are only a few truly Slovakian dishes in this country, and bryndzové halušky is one of them.

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What does this meal actually contain? The main part is the halušky itself. They are boiled lumps of dough made from potatoes and flour - similar to italian gnocchi (“halušky” can refer to these potato lumps or also to the dish itself). They are mixed with bryndza, which is a traditional Slovakian soft sheep milk cheese. Usually you can also get bryndzové halušky with some crispy bacon pieces on top. That is the perfect final touch to this delicious meal.

What Is Bryndzové Halušky?

Žinčica is a must!

To make this gastronomical experience even more authentic, you should ask for a drink called žinčica. It is a beverage made out of sheep’s milk (yes, again), similar to kefir.

We hope to have convinced you to try this delicious morsel of this lovely little country. And if you’re not a big sheep cheese fan, be aware that bryndzové halušky is not the only halušky you can get in this country. Another very usual variation of the meal is made with cabbage and smoked pork meat/ bacon. Give it a try!