Husacie Hody - Goose Feast - Why Goose?

Legend tells us that St. Martin was a worker of miracles and a popular village pastor who reputation was widely known. When the local bishop died, it was by popular acclimation that St. Martin was called to be the new bishop. When emissaries came for Martin to install him into his episcopal chair, St. Martin did not want to go, so he hid among a flock of geese. After all, he preferred his quiet life of prayer to the busy schedule of a bishop.

The emissaries finally found him among the loudly squawking geese and took him forcefully to be installed as bishop. Legend tells us that this is why we eat geese on and around St. Martin's Day - November 11.

Where can I have a "goose feast" prepared for me?
What should I ask for as part of my "goose feast"?
What kind of oven is the best for goose - stone, gas, or electric?
Why do Slovaks eat goose at this time of year?
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