Bratislava Clubs

Bratislava, previously also known as Partyslava, is nowadays oriented rather towards bars (Bartislava). It still is a capital city, with thousands of students and has a nice bunch of clubs, that you can have a great time in. This article mentions the ones which are worth a visit and worth spending your night in.

The strongest days in a week for parties in the old-town are definitely Fridays, followed by Saturdays. There are also though the student parties on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the student city called Mlynska Dolina. During the weekends most of the venues ask for a cover charge of 5€-10€ and it usually does not include a welcome drink!

The Old-town of Bratislava can be split up into 3 zones and this splitting would also work well with the target audience and prices. We use the beer to indicate the price range as this drink is the most popular in our culture.

1. Zone - Michalska, Venturska and Panska streets

These 3 streets form the backbone of the medieval city center and would be of average to expensive price range. (Beer 2€-3€)

You can start your night in the only “ubercheap” place in this area called U Kata, where shots are less than 2€, or if you prefer a nicer start the craft beer bar called Stupavar and the Antinori cocktail bar. 

Around midnight when people start arriving in the clubs you can move, depending on your musical preference to one of 3 rock venues here - BarRock, Infinity Rock cafe or Zbrojnos which has a stunning dungeon like dance floor open Friday and Saturday. You are also able to find a hip bar/club/nightfood here called Re:fresh which has a cozy dance floor also underground and usually has a wide range of DJ’s playing a wide range of genres. If you prefer classical dance music than you can find very popular clubs such as Trafo, Masquarade, 1000+1 nights or Priatelia which are all professionaly run clubs with unofficial dresscodes and good cocktails. 

2. Zone - Hviezdoslav Square

This square is the largest and arguably the prettiest in the old-town and has rather the more exclusive clubs and venues. (Beer >3€)

The beautiful Hviezdoslav square that also during the summer month hosts a stage for concerts and different events, has some of the most exclusive and lavish clubs in Bratislava. The largest one is the Club, which usually plays western dance music. On the river you can find a small party boat called Riva and towards the Opera house there is Rio Grande with 3 bars, dance floor and also a high-end steak house.

3. Zone - SNP Square

This square is on the border between the broader old-town and medieval city center and is mostly visited by the students and not as demanding party-goers. (Beer <2€)

One of the most popular club venues is KC Dunaj, which has a spectacular view from the rooftop terrace and some of the cheapest drinks in town. They also do multi-genre events ranging from oldies to folk and reggae tunes. In the same industrial looking building, in the basement you can find the hip DOLE club, which has an amazing light and sound system. Not even 2 minutes away, you can find the new alternative FUGA with really cheap drinks and again not even 2 further minutes away LUNA bar, that is a brand new oldies club with authentic socialist design from the 70’s and. The last but one of the most known clubs in town is Nu Spirit Club, which has 2 floors and is open usually until 4 am. 

Specials : SUBCLUB is the last crazy PARTYSLAVA era east-european club with usually electronic music parties, but once a month also ska, reggae or indie parties. Some of the cheapest drinks in town and the most unique atmosphere. It is an old bomb shelter from the cold war and is the location where some of the top DJ’s of Slovakia started mixing techno in the 90’s. Harley Davidson, is a large rock venue 10 minutes by TAXI from the old town, usually visited by the crowd 30+ with a great atmosphere and good beer. The old YMCA building has currently 4 different bars and clubs, MMC being a occasional party/concert venue or HOPKIRK the local absinth bar, Randal a punk venue and Cobra a local dive bar.

Mlynska Dolina is the student city, around 5 km away from the old-town. You can reach it during the day time by bus 31, 39 or taxi, you can find out more about the public transportation here and taxis here. Coming back is either by bus N31, taxi or wait until 4 a.m. and hop on the first day bus.

You will find plenty of small bars but also the main clubs, UNIQUE and ELAM. Sometimes they host parallel events, sometimes one is doing Tuesday and the other Wednesday events. You might come across some very nice locals or international students here, that might also show you some private parties in student dorms or some speak-easy afterparties.