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Bratislava Clubs


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Let us be frank: Bratislava is no mecca of hardcore clubbing. But there are decent venues with some decent nights and if you get to spend a few days you should find a good party of any genre.
The city has several party zones, with the centre being the biggest.
Clubs in the Old Town
One area worth exploring, especially for the younger crowd, is around the Presidential Palace. Kartell is a lavishly furnished club in the basement of an office building, usually open four nights a week, with top local DJs and dance parties mostly attended by a late-20s crowd. You can call in in advance for a free ride in their party van and a welcome drink. Duplex opened in 2010 in the building of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is classy and has a large dance floor with house music and dance music usually four nights a week, with prices keeping teens in check. Cuba-themed Manana Cafe Club on Kollarovo Namestie is a regular bar, with a dance floor and DJ in the basement. The genres vary – oldies, disco, pop, rap, electronic. Infinity at the top of Stefanikova offers music that you can dance to on most nights. Destination in Panenska has two bars and three floor, reasonable prices, free entry most nights (men pay on weekends) and often a young crowd.
On Laurinska, try the Cafe Studio Club which offers live music on most nights of the week. Another nearby club, at Safarikovo Namestie, which frequently offers live music is Rock OK - the name betrays the genre. A Cuban band plays most nights at the very popular Malecon near Reduta.
The cosy, extra chill Nu Spirit Bar (formerly known as Buddha Bar) on Medena features DJs on most nights and has a solid local following - the soothing nu jazz draws a sophisticated crowd of varying age groups. Its nearby larger sister Nu Spirit Club in Safarikovo Square has some of the best gigs in town.
The stylish Loft in Tovarenska is the new number in town with numerous interesting events. DJs can also be found at Radost, an underground chill bar and club on Obchodna.
A young crowd also frequents Channels with two underground floors of varied electronic music on Zupne Namestie, adjacent to SNP Namestie (Square). Next door is Empire, with the two floors as well. Subclub, a former nuclear fall-out shelter on the river side of the castle hill just past the New Bridge from the Old Town is a unique experience and is a popular hangout for techno and reggae fans.
A more up-scale clubbing experience can be found on good nights at Trafo, a trendy club with Western European prices in the pedestrian zone on Venturska. Next to Trafo is 80´s Club, mostly specializing in oldies disco. Close to these two is also Rio, a very expensive place with DJs playing a variety of genres.
Remix is a non-smoking dance club that opened in early 2009. It is located in the Historical Centre of Bratislava, at Venturska 16. Remix plays mostly progressive, trance, and house music.
Near the river is The Club. It is in the building of the Park Inn Danube Hotel. The owners call it an exclusive club with exclusive prices as well. Just a three minute walk along the river, in the basement of the Faculty of Philosophy, of Comenius University, is Be About Club. It is a large restaurant with American food on the menu and special Belgian and German beers. Be About turns into a club in the evenings.
Clubs at Mlynska Dolina - Outside of the City Centre
Another party zone is in Mlynska Dolina, an area full of students that live in the dormitories located there. Unique, Elam, Alibaba and Club 39 are in Mlynska Dolina and they are pretty much alike. They host regular thematic parties, as well as events targetted toward and sometimes organized by university students. They also have lots of drink specials. Casey, which is nearby, but a bit further away from the dormitories, in the direction of Karlova Ves on Botanicka Street, is also a very student-friendly place. Buses 31 and 39, often packed with students, can get you to Mlynska Dolina from the center in under 10 minutes.
Clubs Further from the Centre of Bratislava
Some other good places are further from the centre, but are large and well known. The biggest was Saint Tropez on Trnavske Myto, but now it is Dopler, on Prievozska Street, mostly used for concerts and special events. Even further from the center is another fun place - Harley-Davidson Club, which is located near the Cintorin Ruzinov (Ruzinov Cemetery). It is a classic rock club and a taxi ride away from the center.
The biggest club nights, of course, are Friday and Saturday, but Thursdays and even Wednesdays can get reasonably lively at some of the more popular venues. For event and party listings see's Bratislava Event Calendar.

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