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City guide by local people

Bratislava Sightseeing

There are different ways to learn about Bratislava's past and present. Here you can find an overview of the different kinds of guided and self-guided tours of Bratislava available.

Bratislava Custom Guided City Walking Tours, Sightseeing

Bratislava Hotels has partnered with leading city guide agencies to offer you reasonably priced custom walking tours with qualified guides in English, German, Slovak and other languages (see Guided Tours FAQ). These can be tailored individually to…

Main Bratislava Tourist Sites

Bratislava Castle The castle dominates over the city of Bratislava on a hill overlooking the river Danube. The first written reference to Bratislava is found in Salzburg Annals of 907, relating to a battle between Bavarians and Hungarians. The castle hill…

Devin Castle

Devin Castle has been a National cultural monument since 1961. Nowadays the castle serves as a museum. The middle-castle is used as a show-room, while partly adapted caves are a part of the upper-castle.

Bratislava Castle

The castle is located on a hill overlooking the river Danube, the southern-most hill of the Small Carpathian Mountains, 150 meters above sea level. You can access it by foot from two sides - up Beblaveho street from the Old Town or from Mudronova street…

St. Michael´s Gate Bratislava - Michalska Brana

Michael's Gate is one of the main tourist sites in Bratislava. It is the only preserved gate of the original fortification system of Bratislava. Its Gothic foundations were laid in the first half of 14th century. In the past, it had a drawbridge and…

The Primatial Palace - One of the ¨City Halls¨ of Bratislava

The Primatial Palace is definitely a must see, when you visit Bratislava. It is located at the Primacialne Square in the centre of the city and offers visitors a glimpse at the history of the town.

Street statues of Bratislava

As Bratislava looked to shed the greyness of the Communist era many buildings were repainted. In an attempt to enliven the city centre, a few quirky statues were installed. Their popularity with tourists led to new statues, filling the centre of…

Off the Beaten Path Guide

New Bridge (formerly known as SNP Bridge) - built in 1969 without pillars, hanging on steel ropes. A beautiful synagogue and other nice buildings had to give way.

Danube riverside scene in Bratislava's Petrzalka

Across the Danube river from the Old Town the reverside section of Bratislava's Patrzalka offers a growing number of dining and entertainment spots. This part of Petrzalka can easily by reached either by foot across the Old Bridge (from near the…

Castle-Hill Vydrica Area Scene Miniguide

Vydrica (see map) is the remnant of what mostly used to be the Jewish ghetto on the Eastern side of the Castle Hill. It is a short walk from the Old Town and has a romantic, avantgarde edge. There are a number of cool bars open late into night, as well as…

Obchodna Street Area Scene Miniguide

Obchodna (see map) used to be the city's booming commercial street in the Communist era. Now during the day it is still alive and buzzing with shoppers, although most shops are not of the classiest kind. In the evening, Obchodna area offers vibrant…

Dunajska Street and Mlynske Nivy Scene Miniguide

The area around Dunajska and Mlynske Nivy (where the main bus terminal is located) has a spirit of its own. More and more new buildings and reconstructed facades are changing the face of this relatively new Old Town area. The nightlife and dining scene…

ZOO Bratislava

Bratislava Zoological Garden is a popular destination for children and adults, having undergone major upgrades to its facilities in recent years. The ZOO also houses a Dino Park with replicas of pre-historic animals.

Rusovce Miniguide

Rusovce, one of the districts of Bratislava, has a specific historical and geographical position. It has been a historical town reserve since 1990. Now it offers cultural monuments and it is a seat of Slovak folklore ensembles.

Bratislava's Perfect Scenic Points

Perfect scenic points are hard to find when you don't know the city well. Since Bratislava is partly situated on the hills of Small Carpathians (Male Karpaty), there are a few worthwhile scenic points not to miss.

St. Martin´s Cathedral - Bratislava´s Signature Church

St. Martin´s Cathedral (Katedrala svateho Martina in Slovak) is the biggest and most significant church in Bratislava. It is built mostly in the gothic style. The building was started in the 13th century, in the location of a former Romanesque…

Scheduled Bratislava Minibus City Tours

These tours by minibus depart at a scheduled time from the city centre. Book early to secure availability.


Petržalka is Bratislava's right river bank city quarter. It is the largest by size and population. Petržalka is reached easily from Austria or Hungary and connects with the centre of Bratislava via five bridges.

Slovak Leaders Unveil Controversial Svatopluk Statue at Bratislava Castle

Bratislava, June 6, 2010 ( - Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Head of Parliament Pavol Paska and President Ivan Gasparovic unveiled a statue of man on horse at the Bratislava Castle to commemorate 9th century leader of historic Great…

The Bridges of Bratislava

Five bridges cross over the Danube River in Bratislava: Stary Most, Novy Most, Pristavny Most, Most Lafranconi and Apollo. Each of them has a unique history and purpose.