An Introduction to Slovak Beer

If you are sick of some the more commercialized European beers you may be wondering, does Slovakia have any alternative choices? Simply put, yes. Beer in Slovakia is great and when it comes to the wonder and joy of malted hops and oh so delicious barley one has many options.

The Pilsner style beer was invented in the town of Plzen to the North in the region of Moravia inside the Czech Republic and since its conception numerous labels have tried for a place in the market of consumption. Slovak beers are mainly located in two categories: svetle (light) or tmave (dark) with svetle style beers being of the bitter, hoppy variety and the tmave beers being a little sweeter without so much of the biting aftertaste.

Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant) is probably the most common pilsner style beer (svetle) on draught in the majority of Bratislava's pubs and bars and for good reason. This golden beer is well balanced and quite refreshing. Another is the Czech beer Krusovice (svetle), slightly heavier and containing a larger bite of hops, this beer also satisfies.

If you are sick of drinking Guinness but want a little more weight try the Czech beer "Velvet" (a tmave style beer that some Slovaks believe helps increase chest size). Though a little harder to find it is well worth a pint if you see it. A good option for a Slovak tmave style brew is "Saris Tmave" which can be found in many Slovak pubs and bars. For more info on pub locations and some additional choices of beer check out our Bratislava pubs article.