St. Michael´s Gate Bratislava - Michalska Brana

Michael's Gate is one of the main tourist sites in Bratislava. It is the only preserved gate of the original fortification system of Bratislava. Its Gothic foundations were laid in the first half of 14th century. In the past, it had a drawbridge and portcullis and a massive wooden gate. It also had a flag at the top. Today, there is a statue of St. Michael, made by the master Peter Eller.

In 1753-1758, the gate underwent massive reconstruction and obtained its current look. The writing on the southern side of the structure says that the reconstruction was paid for by the city council and the city inhabitants. Today, the height of the Michael's Gate is 51 meters. During the year, the historical coronation leads through it. Inside the building, there is the Museum of Weapons and City Fortifications and a very nice view of the old city is from the tower.

St. Michael´s Gate St. Michael´s Gate - detail