St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Bratislava

While in Bratislava during St. Patrick's Day there will be a few spots that you can celebrate the holiday in and where you will be able to hear bagpipes and traditional Irish music.

The Dubliner

This is our Irish Pub in Bratislava, near the Main Square (Hlavne Namestie). They are sure to have some weekend entertainment as well as a few impromptu bagpipe concerts given by earnest customers coming by for a pint.

On the Street

The lonely medieval streets of Bratislava at dusk just call for someone to echo a droning set of pipes to be played through them. And her visitors oblige, especially around St. Patrick's Day. Follow your ears to impromptu concerts.


After all, St. Patrick was a man of God. Maly Kostol Church in Bratislava will, for the second year in a row, be hosting a St. Patrick's Day service on Sunday, March 20 complete with bagpipes.

Hlava 22

Hlava 22 will be having an Irish themed party on the night of St. Patrick's Day.

The Irish Embassy

Of course, when in doubt, always ask the Irish Embassy.