Going out for drinks in Bratislava

Bratislava is a city great for going out and having fun. The city center, known as Staré Mesto, is the most recommended area for either having a coffee or tea in the afternoon or for going out during the night.

In every corner of the center you find a pleasant cafeteria, a restaurant or a cocktail bar. Breweries and terraces are spread throughout the pedestrianized center. Both Czech and Slovak beers are well known for their quality and size, which is usually half a liter. In front of the Franciscan church you find a couple of courtyards that house the best-known wineries in the city, where you can enjoy the best wines and live music. The cellars and basements of the older buildings are the favorite places for tea houses, fashionable places among young people.

Some bars to go out

For a young environment we recommend the always full Unique Club, located in the Mlynská Dolina student residences. Nearby are Elam and Casey also very popular with students.

For something more current and full of electronic music we recommend Radost on Obchodna Street. In the same street under the technical university you find the recently renovated Duna room, which offers a wide range of concerts and parties that are the favorites of the city's subculture. Two floors always full of the best electronic music and dance floors make up Hlbocina in Zupne namestie. Another popular place during weekends is Spojka, located by the river behind the Slovak National Museum. U-Club, this former anti-nuclear bunker under the castle can be a unique experience, mainly for techno lovers.

One of the most famous venues of the 90s, Charlie's Pub, has reopened near the Kyjev Hotel behind the Tesco shopping center. For more information about the city's nightlife we ​​recommend gregi.sk.