Pezinok Miniguide

Pezinok is a city in the Small Carphatian Mountains located about 18 km from Bratislava. The city as well as the rest of the area is famous for its quality wines produced both by big companies and numerous small family wineries.


Slovak wine can be bought nearly in every shop, however, these are mostly brands produced by larger enterprises which lack on real character. In case you are looking for genuine Slovak wine, we recommend that you visit Pezinok, which offers a wide range of unique Slovak wines made by locals or small undertakers who sell mainly to friends. The soil around Pezinok is perfect for certain wines such as Rizling Vlassky (Welschriesling), Veltinske zelene (Green Veltliner), Müller Thurgau and Rulandske biele (Pinot Blanc). These are some of the cellars to try: Parish Cellar (next to the Parish Church), Cellar of Ludovit Tretina (51 Kupeckeho Street 51), Castle Wine Bar (Mladoboleslavska Street), Cellar of Peter Matysak (Holubyho Street), Cellar of Jan Hacaj (66 Cajlanska and M.R. Stefanika Street), Cellar of Pavol Borisa (1 Hvizdoslavova Street).

The National Wine Salon (Narodny Salon Vin) showcasing 100 of the best Slovak wines is located in the Pezinok castle at Mladoboleslavska. It is open daily except for Mondays 11 am - 6 pm, individual tasting start from about EUR 17, cheaper for groups.

Museums and Galleries

Pezinok is a cultural city with extensive offer of cultural events, museums, galleries and sights. There is the Town Museum (Mestske muzeum) and the Small-Carphatian Museum (Malokarpatske muzeum) on M.R. Stefanika Street. The Town Museum is open on Tuesdays to Fridays 10 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 6 pm and on Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm. The museum offers two permanent expositions Archeology of Pezinok and Jozef Franko – Sacral Plastic Art. The Small-Carphatian Museum is open on Tuesdays – Fridays 9 am - noon and 1 pm - 5 pm , on Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm and on Sundays 1 pm - 5 pm. The permanent exhibitions include history of Pezinok and history of viniculture under the Small Carphatian Mountains.

The Gallery of Naive Art on Cajlanska Street is open daily except for Mondays 10 am - 6 pm in the summer (July – August) and 10 am - 5 pm in the winter (September-June). The Gallery of Stefan Prokop on Potocna Street is open daily except for Mondays 2 pm - 5 pm.

Festivals and exhibitions

The city regularly hosts a wide range of local, regional, national or international festivals, e.g. Ethnofestival which takes place annually in February, Ad Uno Corda – inernational festival of cathedral choirs, which takes place every even year in May. The International Theatre Festival Cibulak takes place every year at the end of June. The international exhibition of minerals, fossils and gemstones Permonik takes place annually in August.

You should not miss the traditional harvesting celebration Vinobranie at the very end of summer which offers a wide selections of wines, traditional Slovak food and music of all kind.

Castle and the Castle Park

The castle on Mladoboleslavska Street was built at the end of 13th and beginning of 14th century. The castle serves as a wine cellar and restaurant. Part of the castle area is a beautiful English garden with two lakes and rare tree species. The garden is open for public.

How to get there

The city of Pezinok is accessible by public transport. Buses leave regularly from Mondays to Sundays from the Bus Station Mlynske Nivy or Bajkalska Street. The train leaves daily approx. every two hours from the Main Station (Hlavna stanica).