Best Bratislava Instagram spots: tips on perfect views

Do you want to see Bratislava from above and catch the best insta photo as a memory of this visit? We have selected for you some places you definitely should visit. Read further!

The best Bratislava views of the city are quite difficult to find when you don't know the city well. Since Bratislava is partly situated on the hills of Small Carpathians (Male Karpaty), there are a few worthwhile scenic points not to miss.

View from Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle is one of the most visited sights in Bratislava. It is located on the Bratislava Castle Hill overlooking most of the city of Bratislava, Slovakia. While on the castle grounds, you could easily see Western, Southern and Eastern parts of Bratislava. This is the ideal place for an evening walk at sunset.
View from Bratislava Castle

To the west you can see the building of the Parliament of Slovak Republic built in the later years of Communist rule and finished only after the fall of Communism in the 1990s. The legend has it that the Communist rulers wanted their seat as a symbol of power on par with Austro-Hungarian kings - hence the location on Castle Hill.

The Danube bridge Lafranconi and more further distant hills and plains with electric windmills (turbines) located on the territory of Austria lie in the southwestern direction. In the Communist era people in Bratislava were able to see Austria but hardly anyone got to travel there. Many Slovaks dreamt their dreams of a better life with this vista. Remains of the Water Tower that once looked over the river lie just below Castle Hill to the south. Once in a while the ruin is the host of large dance parties.

When looking straight to the south on the other side of the Danube, you surely won't miss the vast Petrzalka city quarter with a lot of greyish blocks of flats. If Petrzalka were to separate from the rest of Bratislava, it would be Slovakia's third largest city in terms of population in its own right. There is significant concern over what will be done once the prefabricated panel buildings reach the end of their useful life and become uninhabitable. Removal costs would be immense.

There is Old Town on the east and further east city parts New Town (Nove mesto), Ruzinov, Prievoz and Raca are located. Forests of Small Carpathian mountains are located to the north-east as well as some Bratislava vineyards. 

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View from Slavin monument in Bratislava

 View of Slavin monument

The Slavin war memorial is one of the city's most dominant features, moreover, it's the largest war monument in Central Europe. It reminds us of fallen Russian soldiers during World War II. The Slavin monument is erected on the hill, making it the perfect place to watch New Year's fireworks or just to visit and enjoy the panorama of Bratislava. Especially in the evening, it's a nice view. Slavin lies close to Palisady street and is in the vicinity of the following hotels: Hotel Antares, Apartment Hotel Residence Sulekova. So what about booking a room e.g. for New Year celebration? Perfect views within reach guaranteed!

View from the Kamzik TV Tower in Bratislava

Kamzik TV Tower was built in 1975 and with its height of 200 meters is the highest building in Bratislava. There is a restaurant called "Tower" inside. One of the local specialties is that the restaurant turns around in a circle providing a perfect view to all directions while enjoying a gourmet experience. In clear weather you can even see Austria and Czech Republic.
View of Bratislava Castle and Kamzik TV Tower

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View from the Bratislava UFO

View from the Bratislava UFO

Ufo in Bratislava? Exactly! UFO is the name of the observation tower in Bratislava, which is a part of the New Bridge (the Bridge of Slovak National Uprising, or “Most SNP”) and rises 95 meters above the Danube. Moreover, it's one of the symbols of Bratislava. It was reopened in June 2005 and named "UFO" after its flying saucer shape. Once there you have a beautiful overview of everything going on in Bratislava as well as its surroundings. There's a restaurant in the UFO and if you order something to eat there, you can enter the tower free of charge. If you want to look at the city from a bird's eye view, experience the perfect view, or capture a beautiful sunset over the Danube, you will not find a more suitable place. In one word - this place is really worth visiting! More information about the UFO tower and UFO restaurant can be found here.

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