Eat Healthy in Bratislava (Vegetarian, Vegan and Healthy Lunches)

Indeed, traditional Slovak bryndzove halusky are very tasty dish, but quite heavy, too. So what if you want to eat healthy and fresh in Bratislava?

Recent trend of restaurants serving healthy food has come to Bratislava and there are plenty of choices, if you are up for something light and tasty.


Govinda, located at busy pedestrian-only Obchodna street, is one of the oldest restaurants serving healthy food in Bratislava. Having two lunch offers (large one all-you-can-eat), one of which is all you can eat, it is always lively with people coming and going. Meals are fully by Hare Krishna standards and mostly vegan, full lunch menu consisting of a soup, main dish of cooked vegetables, rice, salad and chutneys. If you are in mood for something sweet, they have plenty of nice sweets, mostly based on combination of ghee, condensed milk and fruits or carob (instead of cocoa).

Ganesh Utsav

Ganesh Utsav has been around for a while, bringing ayurvedic dishes to Bratislava. Their well-known lunch buffet serves a daily soup, main dish with vegetables, potatoes or rice and salad as well as a small dessert (usually pudding, curd or milk rice). If you opt to go there for dinner, you can choose from dinner buffet as well (|9|) or from one of their other dishes including lamb and chicken.


Bemba brings a totally new concept to Bratislava, although raw food restaurants have spread elsewhere. Located in non-promising building Slimak (The "Snail"), named after its characteristic round shape, in New Town district, it offers plenty of interesting raw food meals including fully vegetable burgers, sushi or pizza. Albeit strange combinations of vegetables and pressed seeds, most of the meals are tasty and certainly healthy. Moreover, you can order one of their fresh smoothies made from fruits and veggies without addition of sugar.


Veggie comes to the market with a philosophy of "slow food". They are fully vegetarian serving wraps, quiches, salads as well as some snacks. They do have a lunch deal on offer including a fresh daily soup. As they are located in a covered passage, you can enjoy your meal "outside" in winter, too.

Sab Lab

Sab Lab located in another shopping passage dubs itself as "Soup & Bread Laboratory", but offers daily dose of cooked meals, too. Not strictly vegetarian, they do have plenty of vegetarian meals including sandwiches and salads. The passage, where Sab Lab resides, is accessible from all three streets - Dunajska, Sturova and Grosslingova.

Soupa Bistro

Soupa Bistro, formerly just a soup take-away, now with seating offers two fresh soups every day with meat and vegetarian lunch deals. Toasts and cakes are also available. Neat interior, reasonable prices and its location just few minutes away from the pedestrian zone make it worth visiting.

Lucy's Vegan Bistro

Lucy's Vegan Bistro located near the Bus station is a family run vegan bistro that has mostly Asian-inspired noodles and rice on the menu. They also serve few desserts and home made tea.

Spaghetti Leviathan

Spaghetti Leviathan, although sounding little scary, is a self-proclaimed "healthy fast-food" pasta style. They offer spaghetti or penne served with the selection of around ten different sauces. In addition, they have an home-made tiramisu and tea. They also do lunch specials with a soup, drink or a dessert.

Lunch deals

If you are looking for healthy lunch meal, you can try Beer Palace that replaced legendary Vegetka while keeping the same chefs. They provide few kinds of lunch menu - including meat, meal for vegans and gluten-free meals. During other times of day, they don't serve these meals.

City Vegetarian

City Vegetarian on Obchodna has been around for a while. They are known for their various fried vegetables such as cauliflower or eggplant, but also serve some basic salads and fruit and vegetable juices. Expect nothing spectacular, but this is an established vegetarian place with some lunch deals.