How to date a girl in Bratislava

Slovakian females are usually both traditional and full of unexpected surprises. That’s why you should never be judging a book by its cover and this is absolutely true when it comes to dating Eastern European girls. The following list is a attempt to provide some general tips on dating local women, but of course, every single girl you’re about to meet will be different. Yet, some cultural commonalities tend to exist.

How to date a girl in Bratislava

1. Restrained and shy? First impressions can be confusing

Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital city and Slovakia is a Catholic country. Most people there are still devoutly religious and religion in Slovakia influences the entire society. So, expect local women to be quite prudish and slightly inconvenient talking about sex.

However, a so-called “madonna” complex is a deep aspect of Catholic society. And while you might notice many women acting very reserved and shy at first, be sure to reveal their wild and untamed side in bed. Well, at least speaking of sex between a girl and her only man. You ask what about threesome, swinging, and that kind of things? Slovakian females definitely fantasize about some of those, still they have strict borders that shouldn’t be crossed. Sex for two only - pretty much nothing else goes if she really likes you. So, adding any other parties to the mix? More often than not, a no go area.

2. You pay first

Without a doubt, on the first couple evenings out a girl will expect you to pay. She may ask if she could contribute, but it’s just her being polite enough, so be sure to do the payment job yourself, at least for the first time. Later on it will be okay to let her pay if she wants to. Local ladies rapidly feel guilt and don´t want to take advantage of a man.

3. Surprise her with flowers

Flowers are greatly appreciated and you can’t possibly imagine how much. While in the Western countries you can make a hell of a fool of yourself bringing an armful of flowers to a date, most Slovakian women will heartily appreciate such step of yours. Be sure, your Slovakian girlfriend will light up straight away, especially if you’ve put some of her preferences when selecting flowers that will suit her.

4. Make her feel safe

Always try to review the date from a girl’s perspective. Just remember one simple fact: she’s no man. She won’t be feeling totally safe waiting for you to finally show up at 9PM in the dark, in the rain, right in the middle of park. Always make sure you arrive first, picking a safe spot to meet your woman. One more thing. At first she will certainly prefer to not be all alone with you. Why? Cause you’re a dude she doesn’t know well enough, unfortunately you are still a threat to her. Most Western women will gladly say yes to your invitation to come over for a dinner, but not Slovak females.

5. Money shouldn't come first, even though...

The vast majority of Slovak girls don't go on dates to act like gold diggers. However, some financial security from a man impresses them and is important for her in the future. If you earn a lot, don't waste money on useless things, because she may perceive you as an irresponsible guy who is showing off for her. If she's the type of girl who is all about wealth, then you're dating the wrong girl anyway.

6. Prove your genuine interest

In order to get a local girl to lower her "protective wall", you will need a good dose of humor, self-confidence and genuine interest. You need to be consistent and believable in everything you say to her, and you better challenge her opinions so she can be sure you're not just trying to get in her pants. You should also take a little risk in pushing her boundaries a bit, asking her tricky questions, breaking the ice, otherwise the interaction between the two of you will get stuck at a pretty superficial level.

We hope you find our advice at least a little bit helpful...and GOOD LUCK!