From Vienna to Bratislava by train

Last update: March 2023

Are you thinking of visiting Bratislava or Vienna by train? Great choice! It is a comfortable and fast option. There's a direct connection between these two cities, so you don't have to worry about catching another train or changing to the wrong one. You can just relax to have enough energy for all the experiences during the trip, or browse our guide with several tips to find out what not to miss in Bratislava! 

In this article we have summarised for you the most important information you might need or find interesting when travelling by train from Vienna to Bratislava and vice versa. 

Note: Although we mostly use the phrase “ from Vienna to Bratislava” in this article, all the information is of course valid for the opposite direction, i.e. when travelling from Bratislava to Vienna, too. 

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How far, how long:
distance between Vienna and Bratislava and travel time

The distance between Vienna and Bratislava is approx. 55 kilometers as the crow flies. No wonder these two cities hold the lead as the two closest capitals. By train it is 60-90 km - depends on the train you take, whether e.g. IC or regional train, as there are different railways. Anyway, it takes just about an hour to get by train from Vienna to Bratislava, or from Bratislava to Vienna, as you like. Sounds great, doesn´t it? Perfect opportunity even for a day trip. There can be some variability according to the type of train, whether you´re going to Bratislava Hlavna stanica or Bratislava Petrzalka, the journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, too…However, the difference is only a few minutes.

From Vienna to Bratislava, from Bratislava to Vienna:
by train almost every half hour

As Vienna and Bratislava are so close to each other and travelling by train from one city to another is so popular - and not just by tourists, but also by cross-border workers, there are about 39 trains from Vienna to Bratislava per day. In other words, it's possible to catch a train almost every half hour, so if you miss a train, do not worry, there will be another one in a while. :) Moreover, as mentioned before, all these trains are direct, therefore it is possible to travel from Bratislava to Vienna without having to change trains.

Despite the high frequency of train connections, it's good to know that there is no night train. The last train usually leaves the station around midnight, the first around four o'clock in the morning. There's just one exception as one train from Vienna leaves after midnight. So if you need to get from Vienna to Bratislava (or vice versa) at night, we recommend choosing a taxi.

Train from Vienna to Bratislava:
How much does a ticket cost?

Ticket prices differ according to the type of the train, train class, some additional services, whether purchased online and in advance, at railway ticket offices or in self-service ticket machines. There are also differences depending on which operator you buy your ticket through - Slovakia Railway Company (ZZSK), ÖBB or Omio travel portal. The average price is about €14 for a one-way standard ticket, if purchased online. This price is mostly applied by tickets offered by Slovakia Railway Company (ZZSK). Via Omio travel portal, tickets can be purchased for as little as €11! Therefore we would definitely recommend using this platform. Online tickets are available HERE. Moreover, Omio also has its own app, which makes the process of trip planning much easier. 
In general, the sooner a ticket is purchased before the planned trip, the cheaper it is. In our opinion, it's less stressful when purchasing a ticket in advance, especially if you will be in a hurry. Nevertheless, if you prefer to buy them right at the train station, there are ticket offices or self-service ticket machines.

There are also some discounts for children, students, retired persons or for holders of special cards with special offers (e.g. Europa Expres, Europa Regional and other international as well as internal programs). An overview of all discounts can be found e.g. on ZSSK website

Tip: When travelling from Vienna, ÖBB offers the so-called Bratislava-Ticket for €16, which covers not only a return train ticket from Vienna to Bratislava but is also valid as a day ticket for public transport in Bratislava. For more information click here. Similarly, ZSSK offers the EURegio Wien ticket for €14.

Bratislava and Vienna:
train stations and how to get there

In Bratislava, both train stations, Bratislava Hlavna stanica and Petrzalka, are easily accessible by public transport. Getting to or from the center, the Bratislava central bus station Mlynske Nivy or the Bratislava Airport is possible without problems as well. To find a suitable connection there's nothing easier than using Journey Planner on the official Bratislava public transport website.

Tip: Do you want to learn more about how public transport in Bratislava works? The most important information is available in this article. We have also prepared for you separate articles about these transport hubs incl. how to get there or to the city center:

👉 Bratislava main train station Hlavna stanica
👉 Central bus station Mlynske Nivy
👉 Bratislava Airport

Regarding the main train station in Vienna (Wien Hauptbahnhof, or Wien Hbf.), it is close to the city center as well and you can get there by metro in just 5 minutes (St. Stephen's Square station).

Train providers on the route Vienna - Bratislava

All trains between Vienna and Bratislava are operated by ÖBB, Austria's national railway company. There are express trains, intercity trains and high-speed train RailJet Xpress, the most modern ÖBB train, which moves at a speed of 230 km/h! This train also excels in a high level of comfort, however, all ÖBB trains are well equipped and offer services to make your journey more enjoyable.

Additional information

As pet- and sports lovers, we know that a possibility to take your “beloveds” with you can be really important when planning a trip, no matter whether it's a dog or a bike. Nevertheless, terms and conditions differ from train to train, so we recommend checking the up-to-date information directly on providers´ website or when searching for a particular train, it's usually mentioned there. 

Brief summary

Travelling from Vienna to Bratislava by train (and vice versa)

Distance: 55 km, approx. 60-90 km by train
Departure/Arrival stations: Wien Hbf. - Bratislava Hlavna stanica / Bratislava Petrzalka
Travel time: about 1 hour
Direct train: yes
Frequency of train connections: high, almost every half hour
Timetable: available by Slovak Railway Company (ZSSK), ÖBB or Omio, which aggregates all the options
Ticket price: ca. from €10 / €14 / €18 (depending on more criterias, e.g. train type, departure/arrival station, ticket seller, special offers)
Ticket purchase: online via or directly at the railway station


Other transportation options

Bratislava and Vienna are very well connected by all means of transport. Check THIS guide to choose the best one to fit your needs. Basically, in addition to travelling by train, you can choose between bus, boat, taxi...
...or if you are a cycling lover, just grab your bike and ride! :)

Final note:
Do you have any questions about travelling by train from Vienna to Bratislava? Do you have your own tip, information that might be useful to other travellers? Or is there anything you would like to tell us? Don´t hesitate to let us know!