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The Main Bratislava bus station Mlynske Nivy is located in the Ruzinov district of Bratislava next to the high-rise building of VUB Bank at the junction of Mlynske Nivy St. and Karadzicova St. and is approximately 15 minutes walk from the City centre (walk down the Dunajska Street from Tesco store on Kamenne namestie).

[map|Bus/Coach Station Mlynske Nivy]

The station is easily accessible by public transport (bus No. 21, 25, 50, 70, 78 and 88, trolleybus No. 202, 205, 206, 208 and 210).

Bus schedules
The bus schedules can be found here. The bus lines are divided into three groups. The first and second group operate under the same name - Slovak Lines - and include buses which connect Bratislava with the smaller cities around Bratislava and with the rest of Slovakia. The third group - Eurolines - includes bus connections to nearly all of Europe including Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Nice, London, Munich, Geneva, Rotterdam, Milan, Belgrade, Split, etc..

Station Facilities
The bus station offers ticket sales, refreshments, a post office, and luggage storage facilities.

Public Transport
The bus station is accessible from nearly all over the city by bus or trolleybus. The bus and trolleybus stops are located in front of the main station entrance, next to the station on Mlynske nivy Street, and Karadzicova Street.

The bus station is accessible by buses No. 21, 25, 50, 70, 78 and 88. The buses No. 21 and 25 connect the bus station with Bratislava-Devinska Nova Ves. The bus No. 50 connects the station with the shopping centre Aupark in Petrzalka and with Ruzinov. The bus No. 70 offers connection to Bratislava-Podunajske Biskupice. Bus No. 78 connects the station with Petrzalka and Bratislava-Vrakuna (Bratislava-Dolne Hony). Bus No. 88 connects the bus station with the city centre where it departs and arrives from the stop under the Novy Most bridge.

Trolleybuses (wire bus)
The trolleybus No. 202 connects the station with the city centre and Bratislava-Dolne Hony. The trolleybus No. 205 connects the station with the city centre and Bratislava-Ruzinov. The trolleybus No. 206 provides the connection with the University Teaching Hospital of L. Derer-Kramare. The trolleybus No. 208 connects the bus station with Bratislava-Ruzinov and the city centre.

There are taxis waiting in front of the station. By taking a waiting taxi mind that the price will be double the price you would be charged when taking taxi on call. For more on taxis visit Bratislava taxi tips.

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