From Vienna to Bratislava by boat

Last update: May 2023

Are you planning a visit to Bratislava from Vienna, or do you want to combine your visit to Bratislava with a trip to Vienna? Turn this journey into a unique experience! Instead of ordinary travel by train or bus, board the high-speed catamaran and reach your destination on the waves of the Danube. In our guide, we have gathered all the information you could need when travelling from Vienna to Bratislava by boat. 

Note: Although we mostly use the phrase “ from Vienna to Bratislava” in this article, all the information is of course valid for the opposite direction, i.e. when travelling from Bratislava to Vienna, too.

Bratislava - Vienna boat trip: places of departure

When getting from Vienna to Bratislava by boat, two places are important to you: In Bratislava, it's the Pontoon Twin City Gate - HUMA 6 on Rázusovo nábrežie opposite the Devin Hotel. In Vienna, the departure dock is situated near Schwedenplatz between Marienbrücke and Schwedenbrücke. Both places are close to the city center and are easily accessible by public transport.

enlightened EXTRA TIP FOR A TRIP 
Turn the journey from Vienna to Bratislava into an experience! Take a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava on the beautiful MS Kaiserin Elisabeth.  During the cruise you can relax on the sun deck, enjoy a delicious continental breakfast or at least a light snack. In Bratislava, you will then have 4 hours to wander the streets and then relax on the comfortable return journey. Sound good? Read more about this nice experience and book it HERE!

From Vienna to Bratislava comfortably with Twin City Liner

Currently, there's just one company operating regurarly on this route, Twin City Liner. There used to be boats from Vienna to Bratislava operated by Slovak company, nevertheless, a few years ago, they stopped operating trips between Vienna and Bratislava and only organize sightseeing tours in Bratislava and its surroundings now. 

The Twin City Liner can carry up to 250 people and offers a comfortable way of getting from Bratislava to Vienna and vice versa. There are more seat categories from first class to economy.  The catamaran is fully air-conditioned, equipped with charging stations for cell phones, free wi-fi and a buffet for some refreshment.

Getting from Vienna to Bratislava by boat:
How long, how often

The distance between Vienna and Bratislava is about 55 kilometers, along the river it´s approx. 70 kilometers. However, the travel time depends on the direction: from Vienna to Bratislava, which means down the Danube stream, it takes just 75 minutes. From Bratislava to Vienna, you have to count for additional 15 minutes. 

Important: Take into account that the check-in is 30 minutes before departure, so be at the landing stage on time! Moreover, all passengers, including children, must have a valid travel document, i.e. identity card or passport.

The frequency of boat transport highly depends on the season. Generally, there´s no boat transport from November to February. During the off-peak season (March/April, October), Twin City Liner operates on a limited schedule, i.e. only a few days a week. In the peak season, there are regular journeys several times a day. In 2023, the official season lasts April - October, during which up to 6 trips a day (meaning in both directions) are planned. In March and October, it's possible to get by boat to Bratislava from Vienna (and vice versa) mostly just during weekends (Fri-Sun).

The schedule varies according to the season, for up-to-date information it's better to check departures on this website

Vienna - Bratislava by boat: How much does it cost?

We know that getting by boat from Bratislava to Vienna is more expensive than any other means of transport, however, trust us, it's worth it.

The ticket price for this adventure depends on the day you would like to sail. A one-way ticket from Bratislava to Vienna by boat costs €34 on Mon-Fri, during weekends it´s €39. The same goes for the opposite direction. There are some differences also according to the seat on the boat you would like to book (main deck / main deck economy view, main deck economy plus, exclusive captain's lounge, etc.). 

Useful tip: What would you say if you could save some money and buy your ticket just for €25? There's the so-called “Twin City Liner Red Ticket”, which enables a trip with a catamaran at this price each way in the Economy Plus price category. However, there is just limited amount of this ticket available per trip, so it's highly recommended to book your seat in advance!

There are some special discounts for children (0 - 2 years free of charge, 2-11 years 50% discount), students and older people can get the ticket 50 % cheaper on so-called Super Tuesday. Will you travel with the family? Depending on the date of the trip, there's a possibility to apply for a family offer including a free ticket for 2 children up to 17 years accompanied by one adult. Therefore, it is advantageous to ask about this discount when buying tickets.

Tickets are available online on the Twin City Liner website or the official Twin City Liner partner Flora Tour. In Bratislava, tickets can be purchased directly on the pontoon at Rázusovo nábrežie or Flora Tour office at Kúpeľná street 6. In Vienna, visit the “Vienna City” ship station near the already mentioned Schwedenplatz, where boats anchor. Booking via phone is possible as well, the phone number is to be found on the Twin City Liner website.

Additional information

Good news! If you would like to travel with your four-legged family member or take a bike, no problem! A ticket for dogs costs 5 EUR and a valid EU vaccination certificate, muzzle and leash are required. For bikes there are 12 spaces on board, the fee is €5 and a reservation in advance is required as well.  Regarding baggage, hand luggage up to 9 kg is included in the price.

Brief summary:

Travelling from Vienna to Bratislava by boat (and vice versa)

Distance: 55 km as the crow flies, approx. 70 km along the river
Departure/Arrival stations
Pontoon Twin City Gate, Rázusovo nábrežie, Bratislava - Vienna City Port, Schwedenplatz
Travel time: 1:15 (Vienna to Bratislava) or 1:30 (Bratislava to Vienna)
Direct connection: yes
Frequency of boat trips: depending on the season, in peak season up to 6 trips a day. No trips during Nov - Feb.
Timetable: available HERE
Ticket price: starts at €25 (Red ticket) / €34 for an adult (depending on the day, seat etc.)
Ticket purchase: online (recommended) here, directly at the ship stations or via booking agency

Other transportation options

Bratislava and Vienna are very well connected by all means of transport. Check THIS guide to choose the best one to fit your needs. Basically, in addition to travelling by boat, you can choose between train, bus, taxi...
...or if you are a cycling lover, just grab your bike and ride! :)

Final note:
Do you have any questions about travelling by boat from Vienna to Bratislava? Do you have your own tip, information that might be useful to other travellers? Or is there anything you would like to tell us? Don´t hesitate to let us know!