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Bus to Vienna

Reaching Vienna from Bratislava by bus is very easy. The bus company Slovak Lines has frequent departure times between the two cities, and there are other bus companies as well, which makes traveling to the capital of Austria convenient.

Slovak Lines

Slovak Lines, the major Slovak bus company, launches a bus to Vienna about every hour. You can check the connections online, make a reservation, and pay online. Travelers usually depart from Bratislava, AS (Bus Station) to the destinations Vienna, Flughafen (Airport) or Vienna, Erdberg (Bus Station), so travelers should make sure they click the correct stations when checking connections. The price of a one-way ticket is 5-8 € for standard fare or 4-5 € for children. The trip from Bratislava to Vienna by bus takes about an hour.


Another bus company, Blaguss Slovakia, also has convenient buses to Vienna. Click here to find the Regiojet connection times and make a reservetion. Reservations are necessary with this bus company. The Regiojet bus departs from the Mlynske Nivy bus station and stops under the Novy Most bridge. The bus goes to Vienna Main Train Station. A ticket costs 5 €. Bus launches to Vienna every hour during a day. Regiojet offers modern fully equipped air-conditioned coaches.

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