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City guide by local people

Bus 61

Bus 61 travels to the Bratislava Airport. Taking this bus saves a significant amount of money that might otherwise be spent on a cab to the airport. This line links the Bratislava Airport (Letisko) and the Main Train Station (Hlavna Stanica). This bus is usually crowded because it is the only bus that departs from the airport and ends near the city center. However, those who are able to find a seat will enjoy a comfortable ride because the nicest buses in the city run on this line.

Before getting on the bus, riders need to buy a ticket, which may be purchased at ticket machines near most stops. A ticket valid for 15 minutes costs |0.50|, but once it is marked in a machine inside the vehicle, the rider cannot switch to another line. A 60-minute ticket costs |0.70| and the rider may switch lines during that hour. On the weekends and holidays, 60 minute tickets are extended to 90 minutes. It is recommended that tourists purchase a tourist ticket, which are valid for one, two, three, or seven days. Depending on how often a traveler uses the public transportation system, a traveler might want to purchase a special Bratislava City Card. Those who own a mobile with a SIM card from a Slovak carrier can obtain an electronic ticket for |0.80| valid for 70 minutes by sending an SMS to the number 1100.

Once riders enter the bus, they should make sure to mark the ticket in one of the red ticket marking machines. Those who cannot present a ticket to a ticket inspector during a random search are charged with a fine of |40.00|. To learn more about traveling by public transportation in Bratislava, read this article.
Under ideal conditions, the journey from one terminal to another should not take more than 25 minutes. For those in the mood for shopping, the bus stops near one of the biggest shopping centers in Bratislava, the Avion Shopping Park. The exact schedule, along with other important information, can be found here.