Bratislava Airport Bus 61

The Bratislava airport is about 10 kilometres from the city centre, so it takes about 15-20 minutes to get there by car or taxi. By bus it takes a little bit longer - about 30 minutes, however, taking a bus can save you a significant amount of money that might be paid for a taxi. The cheapest and best way how to get from Bratislava airport to the city centre is by bus number 61 (or N61 if you want to get to or from the airport during the night), which connects the Bratislava Airport (Letisko) with the Bratislava Hlavna stanica, the main train station. This bus is usually crowded because it is the only bus that departs from the airport and ends near the city center. However, those who are able to find a seat will enjoy a comfortable ride because the nicest buses in the city run on this line.

Bratislava bus 61 - schedule

Bus 61 leaves on average every 15 minutes between 4:40 am and 11:30 pm. If you need to get to or from the airport during the night, there´s a night bus N61 leaving approx. every hour. For the current bus 61 schedule visit the website.

Tickets for the bus 61 Bratislava - Airport route

Before getting on the bus, you need to buy a ticket, which can be purchased at ticket machines near most stops. It´s not possible to buy it directly from the bus or tram driver. There´s a possibility to buy an SMS ticket as well, but it works just in case you have a mobile phone with a SIM card registered at a Slovak provider.

The ticket from the airport costs €1.30 (3 zones) and is valid for 60 minutes including changes. After buying your ticket, you need to validate it on board the bus. For large luggage, you need an extra luggage ticket, which means you have to buy a 30-minute discounted ticket priced at € 0.45, but it's valid not for 30, but for 180 minutes in all zones. 

Those who cannot present a ticket to a ticket inspector during a random search are charged with a fine of €49 plus the price of the regular ticket. All fines can be paid directly in the vehicle by cash or a debit card. To learn more about traveling by public transportation in Bratislava, read this article.

For more information on bus 61, check this website.

Extra tip: 

For those in the mood for shopping, the bus 61 stops near one of the biggest shopping centers in Bratislava, the Avion Shopping Park