Bratislava in April

Weather in Bratislava in April incl. tips on things to do in Bratislava in April

It's a well-known fact that April is one of the best months for travel, especially exploring cities. The pleasant spring weather provides ideal conditions for wandering the streets of cities as well as various outdoor activities. April is in Bratislava shoulder season, which means there are fewer people than in the main summer months, so you can enjoy even the most popular tourist spots without the crowds. In addition, April is a great time to experience the cultural events in Bratislava, such as the Easter markets and Easter-related celebrations, where you can enjoy traditional Slovak cuisine and crafts. You can also take advantage of the lower prices for accommodation and flights compared to the peak summer season.

Weather in Bratislava in April

Weather in Bratislava in April

Spring is in full swing and this is reflected in the weather in Bratislava in April. Temperatures are already inviting us to take off our jackets and the sun's rays are gaining strength. On average, Bratislava in March can enjoy around 7 hours of sunshine per day (cumulatively 220 hours in a month). April is a moderately rainy month with an average of about 40 mm of precipitation spread over approximately 12 rainy days throughout the month. Typically, weather in April in Bratislava is characterized by occasional rain showers, with some days being mostly sunny and dry and others being cloudy and rainy. It's a good idea to pack clothing that can be layered, including a rain jacket or umbrella for the occasional rainy day, especially if you plan on spending time outdoors.

Thanks to the time change at the end of March, there is also a significant increase in the length of the day - the sun rises around 6am, while in the evening it rises until 8pm, which means more than 13 hours of daylight! 

Temperatures in Bratislava in April

In Bratislava, April is a transitional month from the cold winter season to the mild spring season. The average daytime temperature in Bratislava in April is around 11°C, with the average daily maximum around 16 °C and the average daily minimum 5 °C. There have been days in the past when temperatures in April in Bratislava have reached 20 °C, but do not be surprised that they can drop below 0 °C, especially in the morning and at the beginning of the month. In general, nights are still chilly.

Things to do in Bratislava in April

Enjoy Slovak Easter traditions and customs
March or April is traditionally associated with the Easter holidays and the streets of Bratislava are dominated by Easter markets and special Easter events. This is a great opportunity to get to know the local customs and traditions and to taste typical dishes associated with this holiday.

Run through the streets of Bratislava, 
If you are a runner, we recommend you pack running shoes for your visit to Bratislava in April, as the famous Bratislava Marathon takes place in this month. With the participation of runners from more than 50 countries, this is a truly significant running event. The second running event we would definitely recommend is the National Run Devin - Bratislava, Slovakia's oldest athletic event. It took place for the first time in 1921! Even if you may not be a fan of running, both events have a great, unique atmosphere, so it's an experience for the spectator as well.

Enjoy free entry to many places in Bratislava thanks to Bratislava City Days
In April, the Municipality of Bratislava traditionally opens its doors during which you can enjoy free entrance to city museums, attractions, free sightseeing tours, workshops, free river cruise, historical vehicles rides, exhibitions and many other interesting events. 

Enjoy a pint of cold beer at the Craft beer festival “Salon piva”
Do you like beer? Then do not miss this special degustating Craft Beer Festival of small craft breweries from Slovakia, but also from abroad. It takes place in the Old Market Hall in Bratislava and offers not only a wide selection of beers, but also a great atmosphere.

Explore the awakening nature in Bratislava
April is a great time to explore the beautiful parks and gardens in Bratislava, such as the Bratislava Forest Park, the Janka Kráľa Park or the Botanical Garden, open for the public from early April each year. It's still relatively cold for a picnic in April, but a walk with a takeaway coffee or tea, for example, is a nice escape from the city streets.