Bratislava in January

Weather in Bratisava in January incl. tips on things to do in Bratislava in January

After Christmas, which along with summer is one of the main tourist seasons, life in Bratislava is calming down again. However, this does not mean that Bratislava in January has nothing to offer. On the contrary! You will have the historic centre almost to yourself, no crowds or queues to enter museums, galleries and other places. In the off-season, you'll also enjoy lower prices somewhere, and that includes accommodation. And as for the weather in Bratislava in January - true, it's not exactly warm, but given the mild climate, there's no need to worry about some harsh winter, as you'll read later in the article. And if your fingers and cheeks do start to get cold, there's always the option of snuggling up in the warmth of one of the restaurants, cafes or bars and finding out "what Bratislava tastes like".

Weather in Bratislava in January

Weather in Bratislava in January

As January is a winter month, it is still cold in Bratislava in January, but due to Bratislava's location in a temperate climate zone, winters here are mild, with not much snow. However, some dusting or even rain showers can fall and if temperatures hover around zero, the streets can turn into an ice rink. Especially on paved surfaces, take care! According to weather statistics, it rains (or snows) in Bratislava for up to 13 days in January with an average total precipitation of 40 mm. Unfortunately, you won't enjoy much sunshine - on average about 2 hours a day, partly because of the shorter days - daylight is less than 9 hours, and partly because of the cloudy or even gloomy weather.

Temperatures in Bratislava in January

With an average temperature of -1 °C, January is actually the coldest month of the year. The highest average temperature is 2 °C, the lowest -3 °C. So there are no extreme temperatures in Bratislava in January, but the high humidity (the highest of the year), which is around 85 %, can significantly affect the perceived temperature. In recent years, however, there have also been significant fluctuations in temperature, with temperatures reaching more than 10 °C in January, for example. We therefore recommend that you always check the current weather forecast for the following days before visiting Bratislava in January.

Things to do in Bratislava in January

Have fun on the ice
There are several public ice-skating rinks in Bratislava during the winter season - either at ice rinks or even in the shopping centre, specifically in Avion Park. During the winter season, there are also ice rinks open directly on Hviezdoslav Square or in River Park.

Discover Bratislava without the crowds
Of course, you can also combine movement with exploring the beauty of Bratislava and wandering the narrow streets of the Old Town. And without the crowds you'd have to deal with during other months. If you get cold or hungry, let yourself be tempted to one of the cosy cafés. 

Winter Food Festival
Are you one of those people who enjoy eating good food or trying something new? Then we definitely recommend including this event in your programme when visiting Bratislava in January. During the Winter Food Festival, which regularly takes place from January to February, you have a unique opportunity to taste the best of Slovak gastronomy in TOP restaurants - all at exclusively good prices. A list of participating restaurants is available on the website.

Enjoy Slovak culture 
If the weather in Bratislava in January isn't too kind or you want to take shelter from the winter temperatures somewhere warm, the doors of galleries, museums and theatres are open to visitors even in winter. During the day, you can go to the Slovak National Gallery, for example, and in the evening enjoy culture at the Slovak National Theatre.

Take advantage of the after-Christmas sales
After Christmas, big sales start everywhere and Bratislava is no exception in January. So if you want to get something new for your wardrobe or another gift during your visit to the city, you can satisfy the shopping fever in one of the modern shopping centres (e.g. Aupark, Eurovea, Avion Shopping park).

Public holidays in Bratislava in January and opening hours

On New Year's Day, i.e. 1 January, there is the National Holiday of the Slovak Republic some shops may be closed.