Bratislava Taxi Guide

Unlike some central or west European cities, Bratislava has a relatively cheap and convenient system of taxis. With a little knowledge of how the taxi service in Bratislava works, tourists can avoid high prices and various traps. Simply follow our advice about taxis in Bratislava and nothing will surprise you!

Taxi service in Bratislava - how it works

The first thing you will notice is that taxis here are not unified as for example in New York. Almost any car can be registered as a taxi and gets a yellow taxi light on the roof. In Bratislava there are registered about 20 licensed taxi companies and over one hundred additional independent taxi drivers who are not signed up with any company and work independently. Taxis that carry a sign with the name of a taxi service on the side of the car are generally a cheaper and safer option than unmarked cars with only a yellow taxi light on the roof. The reason? Drivers working with a taxi firm are usually held accountable for complaints while independent drivers are accountable to no one. Large taxi companies are in most cases cheaper than hotel taxis as well. Ensure that inflated rates are not charged when taking a taxi from a hotel.

A list of some taxi companies in Bratislava can be found at the end of this article.

How to order a taxi in Bratislava cheaply

We recommend you to order a taxi over the phone or via an app. It's much cheaper than stopping a taxi in the street or getting one at taxi stands (places that are rented by a specific taxi company), because they usually have really high rates. Note that some companies charge higher rates for pickups at accommodations, too. If you're in a hurry and stopping a taxi is unavoidable, discuss (and try to negotiate) the price with the driver in advance.

Beware tourist traps! Especially when it comes to the tourist “hot spots” such as the Hviezdoslav square or in front of the Slovak National Theatre, you can come across drivers not signed up with any taxi company who often prey on unsuspecting tourists and try to charge them double or triple prices. A similar situation can be around the main train station Bratislava Hlavna stanica, the central bus station Mlynske Nivy, outside of major hotels or when travelling from the airport. Therefore, always pick that one taxi, which is affiliated with a company.

The waiting time for the car is usually 5-10 minutes.

When you get in a taxi, always check that the taxameter is on and the proper rate is applied. Generally, there are two numbers: the total price and rate: number 1 usually corresponds to a taxi hailed in the street, number 2 is ordered by telephone, 3 and higher are usually rates for out-of-town trips. During some busy periods, e.g. Christmas or New Year's Eve, many Bratislava taxi companies apply surcharges to regular prices. 

You are always entitled to be issued a receipt - most taxis now have a printer attached to the taxameter (alternatively, they provide a hand-written and stamped receipt). The receipt must include: the price, where from and where to, the license plate number of the car, identification number of the driver and / or the company.

Taxi apps

Another option for how to order a taxi in Bratislava is via a mobile taxi app. 



global app, available in 600+ select cities worldwide, therefore you probably know it from your country.


global app as well, earlier known as Taxify.

Liftago taxi

developed by Czech developers, but available in English, too. You can choose not only a typ of car, but also a driver.


developed by Slovak and definitely the most popular taxi app in Bratislava as well as Slovakia. It not only enables you to order a taxi without making a phone call, but also track public transport real time or see nearby lines and stops. The app even includes a Bratislava public transport map with timetables and easy route planner from your current position as well.

All these taxi services enable payment by card and ordering a taxi is quick and very easy. Moreover, you can usually check in advance how much you will pay for your ride (or at least there´s an estimate).

Taxi prices in Bratislava

As written before, each taxi company has several rates which differ according to:

  • how you order a taxi (call / app / just stopping in the street…)
  • licensed taxi companies vs. independent taxi drivers
  • city area (downtown, main tourist spots, airport…)
  • some special times of the year (Christmas, New Year's Eve…)

The total price for a taxi usually consists of three parts:

  • starting fee - may be higher for outlying localities such as Cunovo, Devin, Devinska Nova Ves, Dubravka, Jarovce, Raca, Rusovce, Vajnory, Zahorska Bystrica;
  • distance fee - according to the number of kilometres, can differ also inside or outside the city;
  • and waiting fee - for the time a taxi has to wait for you.

A small tip, rounded up to the nearest 20 or 50 cents, is customary but not required. Drivers may accept major foreign currencies such as US dollars, but at a significant surcharge. It is usually both cheaper and easier to pay in Euros.

The minimum fee for a taxi in Bratislava starts at approx. €4 if called by phone. The price per kilometer depends on a particular company or taxi driver, as the price for 1 km is not regulated by law in Bratislava.

When travelling by taxi from the Bratislava airport, the price should vary from €8 to €20. It's also possible to pre-order the official Airport Taxi, so you can avoid the stress of arriving at Bratislava airport or waiting for a taxi and get directly to your accommodation. Nevertheless, if you would prefer some cheaper option, try to use the Bratislava public transport - there's a direct bus 61 from the airport.

Get your taxi in Bratislava!

Basically, anyone in Bratislava will be happy to call their favourite taxi company for you, when you ask them. Do not hesitate to ask for a taxi to be called by hotel or restaurant staff anywhere in the city as this will save you hassle and money.

Here are the names and telephone numbers of a few taxi companies we can recommend:

  • Green Taxi, +421 905 777 366
  • Easy Taxi, +421 918 555 555
  • Fun Taxi, 16777 or +421 216 777 from your mobile
  • Hello Taxi, 16321 or +421 216 321 from your mobile
  • Profi Taxi, 16222 or +421 216 222 from your mobile
  • Trend Taxi, 16302 or +421 216 302 from your mobile
  • Taxi Bratislava Schwechat, +421 903 853 359

Note: Slovakia´s country code is +421.

Other examples of well-known taxi companies in Bratislava:

ABC Taxi, BP Taxi, Lady Taxi, Merci Taxi, Otto Taxi, Super Taxi, Taxi Caribic, Trend Taxi, VB Taxi, VIP Taxi.