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How to get to Devin Castle

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  3. Boat
  4. Hiking

In the past, the castle was part of the village of Devin. As the years went on, the village was "absorbed" by the city of Bratislava. This has made it easier for visitors to get to the castle from the capital city. You can get to the castle easily from the Bratislava city center by public transport, by car, or even by boat or hiking.


Bratislava offers a direct bus line to Devin. Here are several options on getting to the castle, depending on the place you travel from:

  • From city center - First you need to get under the New Bridge (Most SNP) where a bus stop is. This is the easiest way to get to Devin by bus. Take bus 28 to stop "Devin". The trip will last about 20 minutes. See timetable here.
  • From main train station – Walk 5 minutes down the road which leads to train station to reach the bus station named "SAV". Take bus number 21 and get off at around 8th stop, atfer 20 minutes, on the stop called "Novoveska". Walk around 3 minutes to find a stop called "Uhrovecka". Change for bus number 28 here - don´t forget to hail, as it only stops per request here. See timetable here.
  • From main bus station – Take trolleybus 210 to "Nove SND", bus 21 to "Novoveska" or bus 70 to "Mala scena". Either one you choose, transfer to bus 28 then. This one leads directly to Devin and it will take you around 30 - 40 minutes to get there. See timetable here.
  • Bratislava Airport – This one is the most complicated and will require 2 transfers. Whole journey takes 50 - 60 minutes. See the journey planner and timetable here.

If you are new to bus travel in Bratislava, we recommend our guide to using the bus in Bratislava.


People that are used to comfortable ways of traveling and do not plan to enjoy alcoholic beverages on the way, can travel by car. If you plan to drive to the castle by a car, you should head towards Karlova Ves and turn onto Devinska cesta. It will lead you directly to the castle. If you are new to driving in Slovakia, we recommend our Slovak rules of the road.


There is a special boat in Bratislava that leaves for Devin twice a day from Fajnorovo nabrezie (10:00 and 14:30), along the Danube River next to the Slovak National Museum. Journey takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and gives you a stopover at Devin for 2 hours. Return adult ticket costs around 10€. This link has prices and schedules from Bratislava to Devin provided by the official operator. You also might be interested in Bratislava guide on boat travel.


If the weather is nice, hiking to a castle can be a pleasant experience. Take a bus no. 83 to Zatevna stop. Walk about 10 minutes to the old church. When you arrive, follow the yellow marked hiking path and in about two hours you will be able to take a deep breath at the "courtyard" of Devin Castle. On the hike, you will go through Devinska Kobyla down to the Devin village and then from the village to the castle. If you enjoy hiking, take a look at guide to hiking around Bratislava.

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Tori LB on Dec 03, 2016

Thank you for the helpful post! Just one thing to note. Bus 29 doesn't run at the weekend. Instead you have to catch the 28 and request to stop at Štrbská. From there is a 6 minute walk to the Hrad Devin bus stop. I discovered this today, Saturday December 3, when trying to get to the castle this morning and the 29 never showed up.

Also, the 29 runs every hour from Botanicka Zahrada, so if you arrive on the 32 from the main train station at 11:30, you have to wait until 12:15 for the 29 to come. The 28 arrives there at 11:57. Just a good thing to note, especially when it's cold.

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