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Fast and comfortably from Budapest to Bratislava and back

Last update: June 2022

Although Budapest and Bratislava are further apart than, for example, Bratislava and Vienna, travel between them is quite frequent and those who visit Bratislava usually also visit Budapest and vice versa. The distance between these cities is 161 km as the crow flies, by road it's about 200 kilometers. It takes just over 2 hours - depending on traffic conditions. There are more ways to get from one city to another (more information can be found in this guide), however, if you are looking for a fast and the most convenient way of transport between Bratislava and Budapest, a taxi might be the right solution for you. Taxis are also popular with tourists who prefer a direct transfer from Budapest airport to Bratislava or from Bratislava to Budapest airport.

Taxi Budapest Bratislava: why to take a taxi or a private transfer?

Below we have summarized the main advantages for those who consider taking Bratislava - Budapest taxi or ordering a private transfer on this route.

  • fast, super convenient and stressed-free: no waiting → no missed flights
  • door-to-door service: pick up and drop off at any address, stop whenever you want
  • high flexibilityavailable 24/7
  • privacy: no crowding on the bus or train
  • no worries about luggage
  • usually some additional services are included (wifi, snacks, drinks, sometimes you can choose a car type etc.)


Taxi Bratislava Budapest: tips and recommendation

There is no doubt that taking a taxi to get from Bratislava to Budapest airport, from Budapest airport to Bratislava, or - in general - any place in Bratislava to any place in Budapest, is the most convenient mode of transport. 
However, if you decide to take a taxi, it is necessary to take into account the higher prices. The second downside is that some taxi drivers try to exploit the need to get from one city to another quickly and the ignorance of passengers. They often prey on unsuspecting tourists and try to charge them double or even triple prices. How to avoid this tourist trap, especially if you decide to travel by taxi from Bratislava airport to Budapest or vice versa?

  • Always order a taxi in advance (e.g. via phone, an app or online), try to avoid stopping a taxi in the street or getting one at taxi stands close to “tourist hot spots”, which the airport definitely is.
  • Prefer taxis which are affiliated with a company. These taxis carry a sign with the name of a taxi service on the side of the car and are generally a cheaper and safer option than unmarked cars with only a yellow taxi light on the roof. It is highly recommended to never accept transfer services from random individuals.
  • Always check the taximeter immediately after getting into the taxi. If the price for a taxi ride is not fixed and given in advance (it´s quite common by companies offering transport on such a long distance), the total amount is determined from the taxi meter based on the distance or the journey time.
  • You are entitled to be issued a receipt. The receipt must include: the price, where from and where to, the license plate number of the car, identification number of the driver and / or the company. If a taxi company runs an app or it is ordered online, the receipt can also be issued electronically or sent via e-mail.
Tip: Learn more about the taxis in Bratislava. You will find a summary of most importation information HERE.

Taxi Budapest Bratislava: how much does it cost

Normally, the price of a taxi ride is determined from the taximeter based on the distance and travel time. However, by private companies specialized in offering taxi transfers from Bratislava to Budapest, prices are often set in advance. In this case, the price for a trip from Bratislava to Budapest airport / city center (or vice versa) is around 230 Euros for a four-seater car, around 290 Euros for up to 8 passengers. In addition to the number of passengers, the price may also vary according to the type of car, date, pickup and destination point or pickup time.

Remember: If you know that you would like to take a taxi from the airport, it's highly recommended to order one in advance. Do not stop a random taxi right in front of the airport. The price difference can be huge!

Brief summary:

Transfer from Budapest to Bratislava / or Bratislava to Budapest by taxi

Distance: around 200 km by taxi
Departure/Arrival place: not fixed, usually Bratislava City / Airport - Budapest City / Airport
Travel time: 2 hours 
Frequency: 24/7, whenever you need
Price: starts at €230
Ordering a taxi: online, by phone, some taxi services have their own app

Other transportation options
If you found out that a taxi is not the best option for you or you are on a tighter budget, do not worry. Bratislava and Budapest are very well connected with all means of transport. Check THIS guide to choose the best one to fit your needs. Basically, you can choose between:

👉 From Budapest to Bratislava by train
👉 From Budapest to Bratislava by bus

Final note:
Do you have any questions about travelling by taxi from Budapest to Bratislava? Do you have your own tip, information that might be useful to other travellers? Or is there anything you would like to tell us? Don´t hesitate to let us know!