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City guide by local people

St. Martin's Cathedral

Once a part of city fortifications, the St. Martin's is a an intriguing and fascinating building with a turbulent history, well worth a visit. Do not just walk in and out, take a walk around the building and you will discover many fascinating corners. The Roman Catholic cathedral is still in use today and some Bratislavians hold weddings there.

The cathedral dates all the way back to the beginning of the 14th century when the construction started at a former site of a Romanesque church. Construction continued for over a hundred years and the church was consecrated in 1452.
Interior work continued in subsequent centuries and in the 18th century, the Archbishop of Esztergom invited the famous sculptor Georg Rafael Donner from Austria to design the main altar of the baroque chapel of St. John the Mendicant.
The cathedral also houses crypts where church and lay dignitaries are burried. The cathedral is open to the public for visits.