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Laundry in Bratislava

How to do your laundry in Bratislava?


If you’re American, doing your laundry in a public place is probably something quite usual for you. Well, not so much for us, Slovakians. We are used to do our laundry at home - most of the houses/dorms/hotels have their own washing machines. What’s more, dryers are not too common in our country either, be aware! We let our clothes to get dry. 

BUT we still do want to feel like being in an American movie from time to time (or we just simply don’t happen to have a washing machine in the house - rare, but it happens), therefore there are few laundry self-services around Bratislava at your disposal. Let us introduce you!




Laundromat self service laundry have two branches, both of them in the very centre of Bratislava! They also offer a delicious cup of coffee while you’re waiting for your laundry to be washed. Open every day but Sunday - according to their words, the holy day is important to keep holy (that also means with no work!). 

The only disadvantage of this service is that their website is only in Slovak language and nobody can promise you that an english-speaking help will be available for you. But hey, it’ s only laundry, nothing so difficult to explain - “hands talk” should be a sufficient way of communicating what you need. ;)


where:  1) Kolárska 1, 811 06, Bratislava

    2) Růžová dolina 33, 821 09, Bratislava


Flipperwash company is not placed exactly in the centre of Bratislava, but their location is still very reachable from the city centre. 

What do they offer? Hot and cold beverages, sweets, television corner and an english-friendly websites! What’s more, if you’re by any chance not able to wait for your laundry, they do the job for you. And they’re open every single day - also weekends! 8 AM - 8 PM. 


where: Jamnického 1, 841 05, Karlova Ves


Quickwash is a network of self service laundries with franchise concept. It has started in 2013 in Czech republic and has spread to Slovakia recently. 

It has a nice website in english language where you can find the prices for all services listed in well structured manner. Opens every day, 6 AM-10 PM. 


where: 1) Eisnerova 64, 841 07, Devínská Nová Ves

  2) Shopping centre Dubrawa, Pri Hrubej lúke 2, 841 02


Feelin’ lazy? 

No worries. There are still plenty of services that do your laundry for you. Some of them are also able to pick up your laundry right at your door and deliver it in the same exact spot right after the laundry or cleaning is done. Let’s see some of those! 



Once you get to this website, you probably get the spirit of this place even though it doesn’t offer any other language than the Slovak one. We love this place that is literally named after its owner (laundry by Susan) and you can clearly see that Susan does her job with her whole heart in it. This place is designed as a museum of laundry since Suzan is a fan of historical artefacts of clothes cleaning. So going there can be an experience itself!

Susan is also a fan of ecology so her studio uses only ecological products for cleaning. She and her team also love to challenge themselves with tricky and delicate materials. 

Visit this magic laundry corner in Petržalka every single day but Sundays! 


where: Namestie Hraničarov 6/A, 851 03, Petržalka


There are many other laundry or dry cleaning services in Bratislava. We introduce you to some others that has similar specifics. Professional laundry and dry cleaning service with free pickup and delivery within Bratislava borderline! at Pri starom letisku 14, 831 07, OC Vajnora (website in Slovak and English language) at Hrachová 16/C, 821 05 (website only in Slovak language) at Herlianska 4, 821 02 (website only in Slovak and German language)