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Cislovky - Numerals

This article is a part of series, where you can learn Slovak language words and phrases.

nula - zero [mp3|nula]
jeden - one [mp3|jeden]
dva - two [mp3|dva]
tri - three [mp3|tri]
styri - four [mp3|styri]
pat - five [mp3|pat]
sest - six [mp3|sest]
sedem - seven [mp3|sedem]
osem - eight [mp3|osem]
devat - nine [mp3|devat]
desat - ten [mp3|desat]
jedenast - eleven [mp3|jedenast]
dvanast - twelve [mp3|dvanast]
patnast - fifteen [mp3|patnast]
dvadsat - twenty [mp3|dvadsat]
tridsat - thirty [mp3|tridsat]
styridsat - forty [mp3|styridsat]
patdesiat - fifty [mp3|patdesiat]
sestdesiat - sixty [mp3|sestdesiat]
sedemdesiat - seventy [mp3|sedemdesiat]
osemdesiat - eighty [mp3|osemdesiat]
devatdesiat - ninety [mp3|devatdesiat]
sto - hundred [mp3|sto]
dvesto - two hundred [mp3|dvesto]
patsto - five hundred [mp3|patsto]
tisic - thousand [mp3|tisic]
dvetisic - two thousand [mp3|dvetisic]
pattisic - five thousand [mp3|pattisic]
desattisic - ten thousand [mp3|desattisic]
milion - million [mp3|milion]
miliarda - billion [mp3|miliarda]