Slovak terms of endearment

This article is a part of series, in which you can learn some basic Slovak phrases you can use during your stay in Bratislava. Do you want to learn more from this beautiful Slovak language, not just in connection with love and friendship (although it´s definitely useful! :) )? Check other parts of our Basic Slovak Language Guide!

Slovak - the tender language

Slovak is a beautiful language and words expressing affection for a person - and it doesn't matter if it's love or friendship - sounds very tender. So learn some slovak love phrases and enchant those you care about!

Lubim ta - I love you
Milujem ta - I love you (stronger)
Neviem sa ta dockat - I cannot wait to see you
Znamenas pre mna vela - You mean a lot to me
Znamenas pre mna vsetko - You mean everything to me
Si môj najlepší priateľ - You are my best friend
Veľmi sa mi páčiš - I like you a lot
Chcem byť s tebou - I want to be with you
Chcem ťa viac spoznať - I want to know you more
Ako sa mas? - How are you?
Mam sa dobre - I am fine
Mam sa zle - I am not very well
Vsetko bude v poriadku - Everything will work out fine
Si na Facebooku? - Are you on Facebook?