Embassy of Finland in Bratislava, Slovakia / SUOMEN SUURLÇHETYST, Bratislava / FINLANDS AMBASSAD, Bratislava / Velvyslanectvo Finska, Bratislava


Palisady 29 Bratislava
811 06, Slovakia
Phone: + 421-2-5980 5111
Fax: + 421-2-5980 5120
Email: sanomat.brt@formin.fi

What does the Finnish Embassy Do in Bratislava?

If you are a Finnish citizen, you may be curious to find out what your government does in Bratislava and you might be interested in what services your embassy can provide for you.


When traveling, it is wise to notify your embassy if you have experienced a medical or legal emergency. Call the emergency phone number (112) first to get emergency medical help; call your embassy second. Embassies can be a place for a citizen to seek refuge, if in danger. This is unlikely to be a problem in Slovakia, but nonetheless, embassies can serve that function. If you are being extra cautious, you can even carry your embassy's emergency phone number with you, just in case.

Visiting and working in Finland

If you are looking to visit a country, its embassy is a good place to learn about visa requirement, residency information, work permits, and even information on starting a business. Also, there are a wide range of quality guidebooks that can help travelers learn more about living and working in Finland. Embassies can also offer some general advice about legal differences between their country and Slovakia. Some embassies offer specific advice about becoming an au pair and can offer advice on obtaining a "green card".

Living Abroad

Advice on traveling and living in Slovakia can be found through your embassy. It may offer links to websites such as our own or other sources for advice on living in Bratislava or other areas of Slovakia. If you are traveling through Slovakia, you may contact your embassy and find out more about the country. In this day and age there is so much good information on the Internet and in books that it is not necessary to bother your embassy for travel advice, but you will find that generally diplomats are eager to help. Buying a house, apartment, or car, finding a job, or starting a business are all areas where a member of the diplomatic corps might be willing to point you in the right direction if you ask nicely.

Lost or Stolen Passports and Passport Renewal

If you lose your passport or if it is stolen while in Slovakia, you should contact your embassy to report the matter and to get advice on how to proceed. It is no fun being stranded without a passport, but your embassy will probably help you through that problem without much hassle. If you are in Slovakia when your passport expires, your embassy is the right place to go start the passport renewal process as well.

Opening hours

Since embassies may regularly change their opening hours, we have decided it best not to put opening hours here that might quickly become obsolete. Please see the website of the embassy to confirm opening hours. Standard business hours in Slovakia may be as early as 8 a.m., but are seldom later than 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with offices generally closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


In the event of a death, an embassy can help the grieving family navigate any legal obstacles in Slovakia and help speed up the repatriation of remains.

Military and Police

Generally, an embassy will serve as liaison between its country's military and the military of its host country. Embassies can handle extradition of criminals as well. Some jobs require criminal records from your home country. If you are not familiar with the process of requesting criminal records, your embassy is a good place to start asking questions about having a background check done and getting a copy of your criminal record.

Translation Services

Embassy staff generally will not be able to assist with translation, but may be able to direct you to a qualified or even an officially accredited translator. The Slovak government, for official documents, will often require a stamp from an "official translator". The Finnish Embassy is a good resource for finding a Finnish-Slovak Translator.

Traveling with Pets

Some countries can be pretty particular about pets being brought across their borders. It is a good idea to check with an embassy to find out what kinds of
documentation you will need before traveling. While traveling, the embassy may be able to suggest a veterinarian if one is needed.

Cultural Events

Many embassies make a special effort to highlight national cultures and to encourage cultural exchanges between their home countries and Slovakia. Embassies are a great place to visit to inquire about language learning opportunities, visiting musicians, writers, and artists from the host country preparing performances in Slovakia.Often an embassy will help its country's artists exhibit work in the host country, and may even invite writers, dance groups, and musicians to perform.

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